Proflex has been a preferred choice across industries for its unmatched quality. The company’s latest offering, Proflex steel building (PSB) is first-of-its-kind solution for buildings in India along with two other innovative products – Proflex self- supported steel roofing and Proflex Steel Buildings at Roof India, according to Mayur Patel, CEO, Proflex (A division of M&B Engineering Ltd).

Brief us about your offerings at Roof India.
Proflex brings Proflex Self Supported Steel Roofing and Proflex Steel Buildings (PSB) to Roof India. Proflex roofs, unlike conventional or other arch-roofs, are mechanically seamed and are free from holes, nuts, bolts, overlaps or sealants, thereby ensuring zero maintenance, 100 per cent leak-proof roofs, no bird nuisance and resistant to extreme weather conditions. It also supports all accessories that can be fixed on a conventional roofing. Our latest offering, PSB is a solution for buildings in India. It is a revolutionary product for steel building construction industry as it has high speed, lower costs and on-site manufacturing ability, and can produce thermally-insulated steel buildings onsite for applications.

How can your products in roofing add more value to construction?
Both our products are designed in a way that they add more value to construction. The roofs are maintenance-free and long-lasting. For industries or facilities that require larger enclosed volumes, free movement and effective handling of goods and higher flexibility in space utilisation, our technology facilitates on-site panel forming and installation, giving installation speed of around 2,000 sq.m in just 12 hours. Besides, PSB also saves time and cost and the mobile plant on wheels can be transported directly to construction sites.

What are the latest trends in roofing?
Time is valuable for all industries that entail cost-effective solutions that are durable and quick to construct. Hence, the bent is towards this trend as against conventional roofing. Besides looking aesthetically appealing and having superior installed final product, Proflex Roofs also address all pain points of customers and hence they have been the trend-setter in roofing.

How are your products different from the ones available in the market?
Proflex roofs are made using American machines which are reliable, hydraulically operated and applies uniform pressure; resulting in consistently superior panel quality, smoother operations, higher output. The roofs have also proven to be strong in most difficult circumstances.

Proflex steel buildings (PSB) can create beautiful ‘A’ shaped’ and ‘Bread loaf shaped’ buildings that are made from steel panels. Its speed of construction will bring disruption in turnaround time when compared to time taken by buildings constructed conventionally and with other available alternatives. These buildings are embedded in concrete ground beams and that eliminates substantial amount of civil work, efforts and reduce time drastically. They are available in a wide range of colour palette to enhance the overall appeal of the building. What’s more, the steel buildings are watertight, rust-free and fireproof; making them virtually maintenance-free. They have been tested to withstand severe weather conditions including typhoons, earthquakes, heavy winds and rainfall.

Besides being aesthetically appealing and having superior installed final product, Proflex Roofs also address all pain points of customers.
Mayur Patel, CEO, Proflex (A division of M&B Engineering Ltd)

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