Conexpo 2020 will take place from March 10-14 at Las Vegas, United States. This edition will see MB Crusher America will be at the demo area and in the centre hall. At the Silver Lot- Booth #S5003 at Conexpo 2020, three of a kind will be demoing to show visitor show by simply attaching these units to the heavy machinery, the work is simpler.

Where there is the need to reduce, select, move and grind materials MB Crusher units are there. The units travel attached directly to the heavy machinery saving special haulage money, enhancing the use of the existing fleet, and last but not least, changing the way to work by processing material directly on-site avoiding its haulage hence saving money and time.

A jaw crusher bucket BF120.4 and a screener bucket MB-S18 will be reducing and sifting material and the show will be completed by the newest line: the shafts screener. The product’s advantages are the interchangeable shafts that allow a single unit to work with different materials, a unique solution for dump soil, asphalt, dry wood, compost and much more.

Inside in the Center Hall Booth, #C-31913 drum cutters, more crushers, and screening buckets will be on display, including the lines for compact units, loaders and skids. MB Crusher manufactures cutting-edge attachments that create value from waste, that are good for the environment and bring profit to the companies that use them.

MB Crusher’s line of attachments represents an economic and innovative way to reuse the waste materials around the yard. A way to reduce the costs of transporting and disposing of the material. It is suitable for any application and applicable to any brand of heavy equipment.

Since 2001, MB Crusher manufactures attachments, valuable and innovative units that work by the hydraulic system of the machine that installs them. Excavators, mini-excavators, backhoes and skidloaders, telehandlers, they all can work with an MB bucket, simply plug in and begin recycling.

MB Crusher’s range includes the screener bucket: designed for the selection of natural material like pebbles, slagheap, sand, and soil in pre and post- crushing phase with the aim to reduce crushing time by 60 per cent. Throughout the years this line has proven to have a wider range of application fields: beach cleaning, recovery of ferrous waste, washing coal in power stations and grounds keeping. Distinguished by versatility and conceived by the need to recycle with ease. There are 7 models in this line, the buckets are made of interchangeable panels to allow on-site changes to satisfy any type of processing.

MB grapples have a 360 degree rotation and a tilted coupler for a greater range of movement. Used for selecting and handling of any type of material in total safety and full reliability.

All four models are so responsive and enable really precise selection even for large or oddly shaped objects, moreover, the claws blade can be accessorized to be even more responsive in any job sites even when handling masonry in controlled demolitions in urban areas.

The MB Crusher drum cutters line is built with a Direct Drive Twin Motor System. This direct transmission dual-motor system allows a differentiated distribution of force on the two drum-heads. This provides enormous advantages since the power force is managed autonomously by the drum cutter according to the toughness and resistance of the material. Moreover, this new generation of standard drum cutters also adopts an integrated Power Boost to augment the power of the cutter head, which requires more force and obtains exceptional results.

The company started in 2001 with the crusher bucket. A versatile jaw crusher. These units are responsible to have spread the concept of valorizing inert material is the job site wealth throughout the world.

A new way to operate was provided, practical and effective: reduce to recycle, invest in order to save money. MB Crusher bucket crushes debris and excavation materials in the same construction site that produced them. Brick, cement, reinforced concrete, granite, marble are some of the material that can be transformed by the MB Crusher bucket, also the output size is fully adjustable depending on what the site requires. Even material like glass, ceramic, light poles, sleepers, and reinforced concrete can be easily reduced with MB crusher bucket and start the reclaiming path.

An iron separator installed on the bucket crusher separates the iron portion. And during the operation, a dust suppressor reduces the dust from the crushing. Both kits are operated directly from the cab.
And it is thanks to these kits that MB products can work without problems in closed environments (for example inside sheds and galleries) and in urban and historical centres.

The demo areas of Conexpo 2020, we’re also demoing the newest line: the shafts screener. These 4 units are radically different from others systems available on the market. They are designed to adapt to a range of working environments and select different types of materials with unprecedented simplicity and speed, without needing a specialist or special training.

Since 2001, the company has evolved while remaining true to its purpose which is: facilitating the work on-site and to make it competitive, self-contained and profitable. Continuing to accumulate and not managing inert material has when the right tools are chosen, the process is easily achieved, come to the MB Crusher America booths to speak become an unsustainable cost for our planet.

Recycling is much more than an opportunity, today it is more and more a solution to a consultant and find out which units are the one for your machine and for your job site.

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