“The major root cause for any road or embankment failure is due to surface soil erosion by rainwater.”

Can you share any recent innovations in geosynthetic products that meet the changing demands of the infrastructure and construction industry?

Geosynthetics are also called performance textiles. We manufacture and give solutions using our products, which will perform well in retaining the earth’s structures. Our products are designed for long-term service life. We are now executing projects using our geosynthetics for slope protection other than landfill preparation using geosynthetics. Our team of experts manages and ensures our best quality.

Can you elaborate on the roles that products like Geo Cells Geotex for Railways play in construction projects?

Jeevan geotextiles are used in railways for track bed stabilisation, reducing mud pumping, and substantially reducing the ballast deep cleaning cycle, apart from many more advantages,, thereby increasing the train speed. Geocells are mainly used to stabilise the ground and slopes, reducing the requirement for scarce natural resources.

What major challenges are faced in applying geosynthetics within infrastructure and construction, and how does Jeevan Ecotex address or mitigate these challenges?

The end users need to be made aware of the use and benefits of geosynthetics, including its cost benefits, and they need to be unaware of its installation methods. We help provide cost-effective solutions with cost comparisons over existing methods and installation of our products if required in many application areas. How do Geo Textile and Geo Composites improve the performance and durability of roads, embankments, and other infrastructure.

infrastructure, The major root cause of road or embankment failure is surface soil erosion by rainwater. The geosynthetic material’s main function is to allow excess water to flow through, retain the soil, and provide reinforcement. The geosynthetics are manufactured with consistency, thereby assuring the required physical properties. In contrast, natural materials face scarcity due to inconsistent and mixed-speciality materials delivered at the site, resulting in inefficient infrastructure.

Are there any recent advancements or upcoming technologies in geosynthetics that will have a transformative impact on the construction industry?

Composite geosynthetics provide dual properties that reduce the requirement of natural resources and the weight of the existing geosynthetic, saving on carbon footprints and helping in the circular economy where recycled material could also be used without compromising on required functional properties.

How does Jeevan Ecotex ensure the durability and quality of Geo Textile and Geo Composites?

We test for durability of up to 120 years based on pH reactivity, oxidation, and weathering conditions. We have a house lab wherein we monitor each roll from the machine. Before finalising any unique specs, our design and development team understands the function required to perform and the site conditions visits the site, and discusses with the technical team, based on which a suitably selected raw material is shortlisted.

The physical parameters of the products are finalised in consultation with the user and their consultant, after which we first make a trial run, test the product in-house, then test at 3rd party lab to ensure we are aligned, then send to the site a small batch for installation if required depending on site requirement and then only manufacture in bulk. All our developed products come with a unique product code.

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