Government support has been a driving force for development in the Indian construction industry. In particular, its influence on improving the calibre of construction equipment bears witness to the country’s progress towards independence. Reliflex Machinery & Equipments, a key player contributing to this paradigm shift, delivering world-class construction equipment, discusses the changing industry norms.

“Government subsidies have played a pivotal role, catalysing local contractors and builders’ growth, notably through initiatives like ‘Make in India,’ which have positioned domestic products as coveted entities in international markets.”

What makes you very optimistic about the CE business?

Real estate and urban development are two major segments of the Indian construction industry. Specifically, the real estate sector includes residential, office, retail, hotels, and leisure parks. Urban transportation, schools, healthcare, sanitation, water supply, and other vital sub-sectors are all included in the urban development sector. In the wake of protracted lockdowns in prior years, the markets have demonstrated persistent resilience as we look back on 2023, a year of strong growth. Notably, government initiatives centred around smart cities and development projects, in conjunction with the incorporation of cutting-edge concrete technology, have expedited the construction process and significantly stimulated various sectors in general.

What shift do you notice in the domestic market?

As a developing nation, India has steadily reduced its dependence on the global arena since gaining independence. Through multifaceted strides toward selfreliance, India now stands as an exporter to numerous countries worldwide. Government subsidies have played a pivotal role, catalysing local contractors and builders’ growth, notably through initiatives like ‘Make in India,’ which have positioned domestic products as coveted entities in international markets. The realm of equipment and machinery for the construction industry remains a focal point for India’s pursuit of self-sufficiency. Gone are the days when Indian manufactured machinery was deemed substandard; today, Reliflex Machinery & Equipments delivers world-class equipment, exemplifying India’s prowess and competence.

world-class equipment,

How has your company embraced technological innovations in the design and functionality of your equipment?

Our research and development team keeps pace with the latest in the world of innovation. We keep on the same page as the top construction equipment manufacturers from around the globe, taking full cognisance of the requirements of the construction industry in India. This puts us in the best position to develop the right product for the right work. Our team engineers are highly knowledgeable, and equipment manufactured by Reliflex Machinery & Equipments is the hallmark of quality.

Our clients perceive us as the industry’s most reliable construction equipment manufacturer. Repeat clients are the norm at Reliflex Machinery & Equipments. Our relationship with our clients is based on trust, which is a factor that is of paramount importance to us.


How do you cater to the industry with customised equipment solutions, ensuring reliability and timely delivery?

The requirement for machinery and equipment across the construction industry is variable, and the one- size-fits-all approach only applies in some cases. Reliflex Machinery & Equipment ensures that our clients are not required to search for a vendor from abroad for their custom equipment manufacturing requirements.

We are technically sound and highly knowledgeable about the construction industry and its requirements. Our clients contact us with their custom requirements, whether basic tooling requirements or high-end equipment for the construction industry. We take pride in being able to meet the client’s requirements. Reliflex Machinery & Equipment’s is a name synonymous with reliability.

One of our most important ethics is the timely delivery of products to our esteemed clientele. This is conducted after thorough testing and QA of the equipment, which lets us centre down on the equipment that has quality defects.

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