Attachments for equipment like backhoe loaders, skid-steers, forklifts, tele handlers and excavators are popular in international market for more than a decade now. The varied attachments for any kind of job are to be fitted in most common of the equipment available at any construction location, making these attachments a must-have at a time when everyone is looking to increase productivity at lesser costs.

The attachments like leveling grader, swinging planer, snow blower, road sweepers, grapples, breakers, forks, compactors, augers, trenchers and many more transform different machines into multi-functional equipment giving lot of flexibility to the construction companies meeting their varied needs. Attachments add to the versatility and productivity of equipment for all customer segments.

Everyone buying equipment these days is worried about ROI, but if the investment is made on adding an attachment to the existing equipment in fleet to make it all together a different equipment, the ROI can be significantly higher than on a machine with just a conventional bucket or fork. Attachments for equipment are boon in a dynamic market where innovation continues to improve the versatility and productivity of machines. The Indian market has huge potential for these attachments and the awareness to the fleet owners is required to make these more popular. Ajashy Engineering has joined hands with GF Gordini S.r.l, Italy for these attachments to be supplied in Indian market. GF Gordini is a well-known brand in Europe manufacturing these attachments for over two decades now. We enter into the market with an aim of optimum financial utilisation of the equipment not limiting it to the only use for which it was originally designed. With backhoe loaders, excavators, wheel loaders being increasingly used in the Indian market, the immense range of GF attachments will make their capability endless.

The key element of the attachments is to help fleet owners save time and money by offering them the right attachment for the right job. This will help them save money in buying an extra equipment which is required for a limited period of time in the project & then stands idle giving poor or less ROI. A good and correct attachment can easily return 100 per cent of its cost in a year, whereas a standalone equipment may only return 25 to 30 per cent. Every customer has a different need and we enter into this line with an aim to fulfil all their needs through varied attachments in our range of supplies while we keep ourselves open for more innovations based on customer’s feedbacks and futuristic requirements making us different from other few prevailing suppliers.

Authored by:
Amit Nagpal,
Ajashy Engineering

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