Since the inception of the company in 2001 by Founder and Managing Director, Paras Kumar, one of its major objectives is to constantly add to product range with the principle of innovation. Their vast portfolio of products includes varieties of shuttering solutions, runner solution, door and framing solutions.

Pioneering the market in innovation, Sharp Ply had introduced Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) to cater to the diverse need of the Indian market in the optimum way it required. The future as the international markets are observing is the well thought out wooden beams. The unique shape of the product helps it withstand tremendous amount of load bearing while being light to handle as compared to its metallic counterparts.

Understanding the need of the hour and taking another step towards the future, Sharp Ply in association with Mywood, Germany are now equipped with imported H20 Wooden Beams. Their association brings to you imported EN13377 Certified beams readily available in various lengths. A step further in this product are the plastic end caps for resistance toward impact faced by the product during de-shuttering.

Co-operation between the two companies has brought immense to the table for their existing clientele as well as others looking for the best solution in the Indian market as they have recently launched imported H16 Formwork Beams.

Mywood studying the Indian market along with Sharp Ply understands that the local conditions only require the technical specifications of H16 girders and is constantly pushed towards H20 as there is lesser availability of quality H16 beams. Cost implications between the two projects for the H16 to have great economic impact.

Time, a constraint which requires everything to be available by the need of the hour or as said in the construction Industry ‘the requirement is of yesterday’. Sharp Ply looks to tackle the same by keeping both the products available in sizeable quantum hoping to venture this line to optimum and catering to the requirements of the market.

For more information, contact:

Paras Kumar
Founder And Managing Director
Sharp Ply (India) Private Limited

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