Supreme products have gained confidence of customers from more than 25 countries, which stands as a testimony to its philosophy of ultimate customer delight.

What is the different in-house test carried out to ensure the end product is both durable and safe for use?
There are hundreds of in-house or lab tests that are carried out on plastic piping products based on the material and application. These tests are applicable to both raw material and finished products. The important among many tests are pressure test, impact, stiffness, various mechanical properties, stress relief and VST, effect on water test for potability etc. Normally these tests are carried out as per the available codes and standards and sometimes few additional tests are carried out as per the company standards.

The main purpose of these tests is to ensure the performance of the product on long term basis and hence the safety as well as durability both is taken care of.

What are some of the product certifications that add credibility to your product range in terms of efficiency and performance?
Some of the product certifications that add credibility to our product range include Watermark-DWV AS NZS 1260, Watermark –Pressure Pipes AS NZS 1477, Watermark-PE Pipes AS NZS 4130, WRAS-UK & NSF-USA for Product Quality Certification. These are in addition to the ISO certifications like ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO: 14001Environmental Management System and ISO: 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Our Mega Project at Gadegaon has also been awarded with the most prestigious “Green Certificate of Merit” by Frost and Sullivan, USA and energy conservation award from the Govt. of Maharashtra in recognition of company’s contribution towards the promotion and protection of environment, occupational health and safety, energy conservation and bio-diversity. In addition to this, Supreme is bagging the national awards for its outstanding export performance year after year.

In addition to the reputation gained by the company over a period, these certificates and awards further add credibility to our products and raising confidence of our clientele.

How proactive is your company when it comes to indigenous R&D?
Innovation and continuous up-gradation of quality has been our consistent endeavor and key strength. Technological advancements are evolving with a greater pace in terms of materials, products and process. Supreme is no exception to the advancements in the industry, on the contrary we are far ahead in new product development and in implementing latest technologies. We have introduced many path breaking unique products which have replaced conventional products. This is mainly due to the many outstanding features being offered by these advance products in terms of performance and cost benefits.

What kind of design innovation is required in pipes to reduce the noise associated with evacuation of wastewater and rainwater?
Noise pollution is a matter of great concern because of the serious discomfort it is capable of causing as well as its detrimental effects on health, human behavior and other activities. Noise generated because of the flow through wastewater system and it is conveyed to the environment in two ways i.e. through structure and through air. Noise transferred through structure is called structure borne noise and the noise that is transferred through air is called air borne noise. Structure borne noise can be reduced by using specially designed material compound with lower elastic modulus and by using noise dampening clamps and brackets especially when pipework runs through walls and ceilings. In air borne noise, if the dividing medium has more mass, more density then the noise reduction is better. Thus, the ideal pipe system is made out of plastics with higher density and higher wall thickness. To address the noise related issue based on these two important factors, Supreme has designed and introduced, ‘Skyrise’ SWR drainage system. In addition to the strength, sturdiness and superior joint performance this thick walled, hi-tech, high density system has ‘low noise’ as a predominant feature.

In addition to the material properties of building drainage systems, design and layout of the building and drainage system are equally important and needs to be taken care.

How promising is the domestic market for pipes, tubes and allied industries?
Being vital among other services or products segments, demand for plumbing or piping products is bound to grow continuously. Looking at the huge growth potential and new emerging application segments, there will be increased demand for the quality products. Government’s various ambitious projects and programs like 24×7 metered water supply, Har Ghar Nal, sanitation for all, housing for all by 2022 and smart city projects will further boost the growth of the market. Many new applications like HVAC, fire protection systems, piped gas supply, rainwater harvesting systems etc. are also expected to emerge. With this evolving market scenario, we are expecting a multifold rise in demand over a period of time for the pipes, tubes and allied industries.

Tell us something about your global presence
Today, Supreme products are used by the satisfied customers not just in India but in many countries across the globe. Supreme products have gained confidence of customers from more than 25 countries, including quality conscious markets like UK, Germany, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand and many GCC, SAARC and African countries which stands as a testimony to its philosophy of ultimate customer delight. Supreme has been consistently bagging national awards for its outstanding export performance.

GS Dikondawar, Sr. GM – Innovation and Technology, The Supreme Industries Ltd.

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