Kartik Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd, in this free-wheeling interview talks about his company’s plans and much more.

How your experience at Excon 19 was and what kind of products did you display?
Excon is the right platform to meet prospective clients, meet existing customers, attend conferences by industry experts, and interact with the who’s who of the CE sector. It has emerged as the most sought-after platform where manufacturers, suppliers, customers, government bodies, and other stakeholders gather to understand current business needs, view world-class machinery, solutions and strategies that will drive infrastructure growth of the country. We displayed many products at this expo and they are as follows:

High Speed Doors- Prime Reset: Prime Reset is a unique high speed self-repairing door with the latest technology that prevents downtime of the door system. In case the curtain is impacted accidentally, it will cause the curtain to move out of the guides without damage.

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors: Our Sectional door design is best for clients who need robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors with security and offer astonishing benefits. Sectional Overhead Door side runners transfer vertically along the wall and parallel to the ceiling, guaranteeing best use of the available inner space. Its heat insulation and soundproofing confirmed by insulated panels, can maintain internal environment conditions and energy consumption.

Radius Lip Dock Levelers: Dock Levelers are the crucial part of your loading bay area. Usage of dock leveler aids in fast loading and unloading of goods at warehouse, moreover is also important from safety and security view. Radius Lip Dock Levelers permit the dock to join with the container bed, thus making it convenient to drive straight on and off with forklift trucks etc. The self-cleaning lip hinging arrangement does not recollect tosh with automatic end-of-run, so as to keep the 25 mm safety distance between the folded lip and assembly as per EN 1398 & EN 349.

Edge-of-Dock Levelers: Edge-of-Dock Leveler is developed in compliance with the latest European safety standard, EN 1398. It has a capacity of 6,000 kg and is suitable for use with all types of loading equipment from manual pallet trucks to fork trucks.

Inflatable Dock Shelters: Inflatable Shelters are elastomeric tubes calculated to round out with the overview of a medium (usually air) to form a close-fitting barrier between a mounting and striking surface.

As we step into the year 2020, how forthcoming is the Indian industry in terms of adopting automated solutions? What more needs to be done?
In the past few years, an increasing number of MNC’s have started manufacturing in India and they have introduced Indian companies to the advantages of automation for entrances and material handling. Material handling and entrance automation has a key role to play in facilitating the quest for being truly world-class and ensuring a “competitive advantage” for the Indian industry. Indian industry has started giving emphasis on the technology updates and industry norms. To address the need of user-friendly operations, Material Handling and Entrance Automation are the latest technology. It provides ease of operation, swiftness and above all security, the pre-requisite benchmark.

What are the existing technological alliances you have with global concerns to ensure that the end product is ready for both local and global market?
The existing logistics and warehouse setups are horizontal in nature and thus create a lot of hassle in terms of the operational tome as well as not able to prevent higher loss of temperature and are unsafe as well-being forklift accident prone. We have innovated the technology by creating high speed vertical doors that are self-repairable, fast, safe, and reliable and a perfect solution where different applications and usage is to be customised and considered.

Our products uses the heater system thus help prevent heat loss, door leakage, wastage of electricity, leaving out of refrigerated air thus this solution comes as a relief for the customer.

How does your order book look like for the coming year? What is your assessment of the automated gates market in India?
The Indian automation industry is growing at an annual rate of 20-25 per cent. With India’s gradual integration with the world economy, automation will play an important role in bringing down the costs.

Besides costs, automation will also help increase productivity efficiency, aesthetics and delivery systems. Several international players are considering India as a development hub for automation products.

What strategies are enabling you to maintain cost competitiveness as cutting edge in the present scenario?
Today’s material handling systems combine complex machinery and information technology that can facilitate value-added operations and contribute to supply chain excellence. Systems must be carefully integrated with one another and both information technology and physical systems have to be flexible, scalable, and easily updated.

We at Gandhi Automations believe in delivering high-quality, state of the art, safe and energy efficient products. It is this passion and commitment to quality that propels us to continuously strive to do better for our customers by meeting or exceeding all requirements and expectations

We have a highly dedicated team of R&D engineers working round the clock constantly improving product characteristics and utility. How to make our products safe is our prime concern. The focus is mainly on safety and energy efficiency.

Kartik Gandhi, Director,Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd

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