Committed to environmental stewardship, Supreme Industries Ltd. leverages renewable energy sources and implements recycling initiatives to reduce carbon footprints. Their proactive measures, including life Cycle Assessments and Extended Producer Responsibility, underscore their dedication to sustainable practices.

With the PVC pipes market projected to grow significantly by 2031, how is your company strategically positioned to capitalise on this growth?
Supreme Industries Ltd. has consistently set benchmarks in quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction as a leader in India’s plastic industry. With decades of expertise, we are at the forefront of the market, offering a diverse range of plastic piping products that cater to various requirements from source to disposal in a water cycle. Our leadership reflects our commitment to excellence and our readiness to seize the emerging opportunities in the market. Here are a few key strategies to capitalise on future growth. 

We are increasing our production capacity by establishing new plants and upgrading existing facilities by adding state-of-the-art machinery and process automation to ensure high-quality and efficient production. This expansion is designed to meet the rising demand across various sectors. 

To cater to a broader range of customer needs, we are working on new product lines that will address emerging application segments. These new innovative products are being developed with a focus on sustainability.

To stay at the forefront, we collaborate with leading technology providers or world leaders in certain product segments. These technical collaborations aim to develop cutting-edge solutions for emerging application segments. By establishing these partnerships, we can offer innovative piping solutions at affordable costs that meet future market demands.

Though we have a strong network of loyal dealers, distributors, and retailers nationwide, we are actively expanding our market reach by entering untapped markets or new geographical regions.

How does your company address sustainability challenges, including recycling initiatives or eco-friendly additives, to mitigate the environmental footprint of PVC pipes production?
We are proactively boosting the utilisation of a renewable energy mix by implementing rooftop solar installation and procuring clean energy through the PPA for wind, hybrid, and solar projects at various locations.  By partnering with renewable energy partners, we can secure a significant and sustainable supply of clean energy, furthering our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting a greener energy ecosystem.

We also carried out the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) under the Crade to Gate boundary approach of six piping products: PVC Pipes, PVC Fittings, CPVC Pipes, CPVC Fittings, Roto Tanks, and HDPE Pipes, from an external agency. This gave us a detailed view of the environmental impact from raw material extraction to product manufacturing. This comprehensive approach has allowed us to reduce our footprint and improve sustainability.

Recycling plastic waste within our manufacturing units is a significant step towards sustainable waste management at Supreme.  By utilising grinders and shredders, we process and reuse plastic waste, reducing the need for new plastic production and minimising the environmental impact of plastic disposal.

Taking a proactive approach, Supreme Industries has taken steps to register for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This strategic move underscores our dedication to establishing targets for waste reduction.

How is your company leveraging advancements in PVC pipes technology, such as molecular orientation, to enhance product performance and meet evolving customer expectations?
Supreme is always at the forefront of technological advancements in plastic pipes technology to enhance product performance and meet our customers’ evolving expectations. For instance, one of the key technological advancements we have adopted is in our recently introduced O-PVC pipes.

Supreme O-PVC pipes are produced using a process that reorients the molecular structure of PVC. This process greatly enhances the material properties by two times its strength, and the impact resistance is achieved about ten times as compared to traditional PVC-U material. These pipes have the highest degree of orientation (i.e. Class 500) that enhances greater reliability, maximum material savings, and the best mechanical properties, making them the superior substitute to conventional pipes.

Our O-PVC piping system can cater to emerging application segments that demand high-performance piping solutions. These include advanced infrastructure projects, irrigation systems, and industrial applications where reliability and durability are essential.

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As the PVC resin segment dominates the PVC pipes market, what measures does your company undertake to maintain product quality and cost-effectiveness, given the fluctuations in raw material prices and the competitive landscape?
Supreme prides itself on providing a consistently high level of product quality, mainly based on the product design, quality of raw materials, and the quality management system being followed. From raw materials to the final product manufactured, each undergoes strict surveillance under the expertise. 

We have established strong, long-term relationships with various reliable suppliers. This has helped us to lower the risks associated with price volatility and ensure a steady supply of raw materials.

Effective inventory management practices enable us to maintain optimal stock levels for raw materials and finished goods. By doing so, we can buffer against supply chain disruptions and price hikes, ensuring that production remains consistent and cost-effective.

We employ a dynamic pricing strategy that allows us to adjust our product prices in response to raw material cost fluctuations. This flexibility helps us remain competitive in the market.

How does your company uphold the highest standards in PVC pipes manufacturing to meet industry regulations and assure long-term reliability, especially in critical infrastructure sectors?
We strictly adhere to national and international standards while manufacturing our products. Our adherence to these standards ensures that our products meet all regulatory requirements and perform reliably in critical applications. For instance, the PE and DWC pipes widely used for water supply and drainage are largely made using recycled materials. Still, at Supreme, we strictly follow the standard and use no recycled materials. We always use virgin raw materials to ensure the highest quality for long-term reliable performance. This commitment guarantees that our products maintain superior strength, durability, and consistency, which are essential for critical applications.

Our quality control process is comprehensive and rigorous, involving multiple stages of testing and inspection. We conduct thorough tests on raw materials, chemicals and additives, bought-out materials, etc. Similarly, we carry out in-process quality checks and a series of tests on finished products.

We have adopted cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and equipment to produce high-quality products. Automation and precision in engineering play crucial roles in maintaining consistent quality across our product range. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted leader in the plastic pipes industry.

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