This webinar on “Sustainable Welding Progress in Infra” aims to present an insightful journey into the evolving realm of sustainable welding within construction and infra applications. We’ll explore the latest trends, the impactful integration of cutting-edge technologies, and collaborative efforts to foster eco-friendly outcomes. From a foundational introduction to sustainable welding’s significance, through a deep dive into current industry innovations, to practical showcases in construction and infra highlighting eco-welding’s effectiveness, this session is designed to illuminate how these practices are pivotal to sustainable progress.

Featuring a diverse lineup of speakers, including technology experts, industry collaborators, environmental scientists, construction innovators, and mining sustainability specialists, we aim to cover a broad spectrum of perspectives on technological trends, collaborative achievements, environmental impacts, and innovative applications.

The session was scheduled for 01st March 2024, 04:00 PM – 05:30 PM.


Satish Sawant, Director, Institute of Welding & Testing Technology: “Opportunity for engineers and works in India for Sustainable Fabrication in Infra”

Nimesh Chinoy, Director, SigmaWeld at Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd: “Energy-Efficient Welding Processes”

Amrit Yoga Mishra, GM (Marketing & Strategy), Great-Yuva Welding Expert: “Digital Technology in Welding Equipment Technology”

Dr. Shaju K. Albert, Chairman of the MTD-11, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS): “The need for standardization and certification of welding professionals in India”

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