I personally feel that it’s just a temporary bridging on upcoming demands. Customer is getting intelligent day-by-day and expects better stock-turn ratios on his investment.

How do you assess the current crushing & screening market?
India has forecasted its infinite growth potential mainly in construction and mining segment. Infrastructure contributes major role in development of of roads, highways and airports. We the Propel focus always in reinforcing the engineering properties of aggregates like its shape/angularity/productivity etc, which substantially benefits the end users as overall performance of business in infrastructure sector. In-spite of current sluggish market, our order intake is growing month-to-month. This is a very good significance for the forthcoming business potentials. The current market is expecting to generate ample sales revenue in the forthcoming months. I personally feel that it’s just a temporary bridging on upcoming demands. Customer is getting intelligent day-by-day and expects better stock-turn ratios on his investment. And Propel is working towards it.The market for crushing & screening equipment in the India is expected to register high growth rates in response to booming mining industry as well.

What are the growth prospects?
We are bringing our vision to the road with continuous evolving trends and sustainability. Customer aspects keep changing in the current portfolio and when, it comes to better utilization and higher productivity, then Propel equipment series stands as the single stop solution in the CE industry. The design is so reliable by which the operating errors are avoided and occupational safety is also improved. Propel is pretty confident that our equipment are going to be the bench mark in forthcoming crushing industry. Propel has always emphasized on high precision manufacturing process to yield a high quality product than the existing MNC products (multinational OEM’s products). We have expanded globally and increased our presence in 13+ countries as of now and we are expecting to double the presence in the upcoming years. We can also proudly say that our customers universally acknowledge the flakiness and elongation index of our end products.

How your company is contributing in reducing the air pollution?
As you know today, the global biggest single environmental health hazard is air pollution. In residents, corporate offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, public places, mining & construction operating zones – where we spend so much of our time – the air that we breathe may be harming us. It not only causes sickness/absenteeism but also dents on productivity and growth potentials of our country. Apart from the government policy, there is a need for awareness to design products and services to meet the world’s ever growing social and environmental needs. Propel already started lunching the prototype machineries to meet the basis needs of humanitarians.

Acoustic Enclosure been reinforced in mobile crushing and screening plants to limit the noise level within 75 dB(A) in field condition. Compact on-board powered mobile crushing unit been specially designed to operate at minimal space & frequency to enable diesel saving is a great achievement towards ecological saving. Swapping quickly electric to diesel power is highly versatile and been an USP (Unique Selling Point) for propel team. Propel has gone beyond the fuel saving, due to low speed Engine (Dual Power) and promoting to PROFAST concepts with quick set-up time features, saving enormous in civil and installations. Again it’s another step to save the earth.

Brief us about the latest range of products you have or new launched in the market.
Propel is exploring the new horizon in demanding crushing operations by introducing unique e-track (electric track/electric mobile) in coming Excon show. The Next Generation PROPEL crusher is stepping towards a new revolution in Crushing & Screening field. PROPEL e-TRACK is an Electric Powered UNIT Converted the traditional concept of diesel-hydraulic mobile crushers to onboard Dual Power (diesel-electric) Crushing & Screening machines. Swapping quickly from electric to diesel power or vice versa, is an unique features available across the models.

Similarly, our semi mobile series/PROFAST wheel plants are used for all primary, secondary and tertiary crushing & screening applications. Our robust Mobile Series are designed in such a way so that they can be easily transported and are ready for rapid deployment, by using standard prime movers. These new generation crushers can provide significant improvements to the crushing capacity, end product gradation and reduction ratios. These machines are 15 – 20 per cent more effective and economical when compared to our competitors. This is going to be game change in forthcoming decades.

V.Senthil Kumar,
Managing Director,
Propel Industries Pvt Ltd

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