Samir Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Automation points out that more and more companies are streamlining their processes and realising that the use of material handling equipment’s for any industry is a must.

What are the trending technologies in the doors and windows industry?
The material handling industry is responding with new equipment, technology, and systems that enable complete supply chain visibility, thus allowing customers to see how their investments are impacting their overall operation. The emerging trends which are becoming very popular are remote operated high-speed doors and rolling shutters, the challenges here are sustainability and access. The opportunities to the Indian Industry with automation is to maintain an efficient production cycle, safe inventory, Cutting-edge technology, speed of movement, functionality and safety- are the must-haves for this line of Gandhi automations products. If we add the high quality of personalisation and design, they become unique elements necessary for daily logistics operations and for the visibility of customer identity.

Soaring investments flowing through packaging, food processing, pharma, hospitality, retail, commercial, FMCG, textile, dairy, poultry, agriculture and automotive sectors construction activities in India are opening up opportunities for smart entrance doors. Growing awareness about energy efficiency and environmental impact on using automatic doors have resulted in wide acceptance in residential sectors as well as educational institutions. Technology upgradation in the automatic doors market ensures cost savings in the long run despite the higher initial cost as compared to conventional doors.

What is your strategy to expand business for your existing product range?
The demand for material handling automation and equipment has increased exponentially over the past few years. It is because of the increasing production capacity, reducing man hours and meeting deadlines. Now with more and more companies streamlining their processes the use of material handling equipment’s for any industry is a must. The demand for such automation is the need for the hour; to deliver faster, hassle free loading/ unloading and reducing supply chain operating costs.

Ensuring efficiency in your procurement process has a positive chain reaction within your entire organisation. The objectives of a world-class procurement organisation are far beyond the traditional belief that procurement’s primary role is to obtain goods and services in response to internal needs. In fact, a successful procurement process aims to optimise the whole process to create significant business value.

In future I feel technology advancement combined with material handling equipment’s will change how logistics and supply chain management companies’ function. Looking at the current situation at hand, the future of material handling sector looks very promising as it is not just helping companies perform better but also save money whilst increasing their production capacity. Thus, we at Gandhi Automations are always innovating and learning new technological advancements to help improve processes for all kinds of industries.

We anticipate the market demands and our R&D team develops products ahead of time. A product is developed and tested rigorously before a launch even for challenging environments. We offer solutions that operate and sustain in corrosive, hygienic, hazardous, freezing, hot, etc environment.

Gandhi Automations is an effective service provider being able to tailor services so as to minimise the impact of market dynamics on a client’s supply value chain. We also are able to pro actively ensure compliance at all junctions of business operations. Emerging technology and the proliferation of digital technologies have opened up avenues for new business models and service delivery frameworks. We leverage such technologies in providing value added services to the clients.

What is your company’s outlook for 2022?
The economy propelled by the Make in India initiative, demand for machinery and equipment, is likely to receive significant boost in the decade ahead. For the period FY16-FY20, Dun and Bradstreet estimates that cross value addition of machinery and equipment to grow at an average annual rate of 14.7 per cent during FY16- FY20 and further accelerate to 17.2 per cent during FY21-FY25.

The machinery and equipment industry has significant opportunities both in the domestic and export markets in the decade ahead. However, high dependence on imports, capacity constraints, outdated technology, lack of R&D focus and innovation is hampering in exploiting the sector’s full potential. At the same time, demands of the user industries are expected to evolve and the demand for next generation, customised products will increase. In this scenario, machinery & equipment companies who fail to adapt to this change will be left behind. Enhancing R&D efforts will be an important step to attain manufacturing excellence for the industry in the coming decade.

“We are number one in the domestic market. There’s huge untapped international market for our products. Our products meet international safety standards and with right kind of product portfolio, we are ready to meet the demands of this huge international market.”

With increased globalisation and countries opening up for business we see a great opportunity in neighbouring countries also. For instance, in Myanmar, last few years foreign investments has increased from few million to several billion dollars (300 million-dollar 2009 to 5 billion 2014) The Myanmar government has relaxed import restrictions and abolished export taxes. Such policies boost our confidence and we will venture in such countries.

“Our current target for export is Gulf Countries and European Countries. In coming years, we will be aiming neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and few African countries. I have visited few of these countries and we have better products to offer them, than the ones they are currently using. By 2022 years we are targeting 50 per cent revenue from export.”

Samir Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Automation

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