Nova Plasform is the plastic formwork product by Nova Formworks. It is a far superior and cost-effective choice compared to Plywood or Iron formworks. It offers multiple benefits from construction,cost, labour and material perspectives. I would advise every person who takes construction seriously to see and assert for himself the benefits of Nova Plasform.

It is reusable, it can be used more than 100 times. It is leak-proof andthere is no concern of leakages. Since, Nova Plasform is lightweight, it is safer to use, easy to handle and needs less labour. The plastic formwork is easy to set up and can be assembled in any size. Hence, it is modular in nature and can give the desired output as per the construction. Its qualities make sure there areless chances of mistakes and superior quality finish is achieved by the formwork itself and there is no need to plaster.Concrete does not stick to the formwork surface and therefore the need for shuttering oil is eliminated. It is environment friendly and 100 per centrecyclable.

Nova Plasformis a very environment friendly, value-for-money and flexible-usage product compared to plywood or iron formworks, and is a preferable choice for construction. Nova Formworks is a leading manufacturer of plastic and other formworks founded in 2004 and formworks started in 2011. The company is renowned for its defect-free products and green technology solutions. Nova’s offerings are known to be beneficial to all the stakeholders of the construction industry: the owners, contractors, labourers and the customers. The company has a vast knowledge of plastics and is involved in many plastic products through its sister companies . The company is looking for sales and rental partners across India , we welcome people who are in the construction industry and willing to invest and make a good return come and join us.

Nova framex system
Nova Framex system was introduced in 2015 as the company felt the need of optimising the reusability compared to its earlier ABS system. This system is a combination of plastic and light weight steel tubes. The handling at sites in India is very rough and so it is essential to give a system which is nearly unbreakable. The company developed a particular plastic compound in its compounding facility to make it near to unbreakable but anything which has to be made with high impact strength it turns out to be flexible. The company added light weight steel tubes to the design making it stiffer to handle concrete pressure of nearly 6 tonnes per sq.m. It can be locked with pins and wedges which are also in plastic.

Application areas
It is being used in housing high rise constructions, commercial buildings, road projects, drainage projects, railway projects, bridges and low cost housing. The company is increasing its presence in the infrastructure projects as they feel that there is a lot of scope in this sector as the government has taken some firm steps for infra development.

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