Volvo CE’s electric and hybrid machines are designed to handle delicate ground without a hitch and come with enhanced control for superior performance.

Volvo CE is redefining the construction landscape with its electric and hybrid fleet, which offers tailored solutions for various applications. These cutting-edge machines promise a revolution in the field with zero emissions, noise reduction, and cost-effective operation, ushering in a new era of environmental consciousness and operational excellence.

How is India’s mining equipment industry experiencing substantial growth?

The Indian mining equipment sector is on the brink of substantial expansion, propelled by the nation’s robust economic growth and remarkable infrastructure developments. As India continues to enhance its industrial and infrastructure capacities, the demand for mining equipment is rising. However, this surge in demand has led to an exciting opportunity for domestic manufacturing to thrive, as high-quality equipment often needs to be imported. Furthermore, cutting-edge technologies that enhance mining efficiency, such as automation, are gaining significant traction. The sector also embraces sustainability by promoting eco-friendly mining equipment, giving it a greener transformation. Additionally, the government’s “Make in India” initiative is actively curbing imports and bolstering domestic manufacturing in the industry.

What key challenges does the Indian construction and mining equipment industry face, and how do stakeholders deal with them?

With cutting-edge machinery expediting projects, the construction and mining equipment market in India is booming. The pandemic did cause some disruptions, but the industry is recovering as mining and infrastructure projects take up steam. Infrastructure developments like airports, railroads, and metros are essential to the nation’s economic engine. There are undoubtedly difficulties in keeping up with technological advancements, reducing downtime, and finding the money to import the newest technology. Leading companies in the field, however, are addressing challenges head-on by valuing safety above all else, fostering innovation, and fostering all kinds of partnerships.

What sustainability strategies have Volvo CE employed to maintain its global leadership position in the CE industry?

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is a Swedish-based global manufacturer specialising in construction equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders, hauliers, and graders. Operating in over 180 countries, Volvo CE is renowned for its top-quality, reliable, and durable products. As a global leader in this industry, Volvo CE is capitalising on growing demand in emerging markets, prioritising sustainability, and making substantial investments in research and development. With a robust brand, a dedication to innovation, and a widespread global presence in manufacturing, Volvo CE is well-positioned for ongoing expansion.

How are the advancements in technology reshaping the construction and mining industries?

The construction and mining sectors are experiencing a significant transformation thanks to telematics, connectivity solutions, cloud technology, and data analytics. Manufacturers worldwide prioritise advanced connected solutions, emphasizing data analytics, business intelligence, and connected assets. Currently, these technologies are primarily used for tracking basic functions like machine hours, fuel consumption, GPS location, and idle time. However, a more advanced phase is emerging, poised to bring about a profound change. Through telematics data analysis, customers gain the power to monitor operations, receive recommendations, and be alerted to emergencies, reshaping the modern construction and mining industry landscape.

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How is the construction and mining equipment industry addressing environmental impact?

The environmental toll of construction and mining hasn’t gone unnoticed, and the industry is pivoting towards eco-friendly practices. Electrification is in, companies switching to electric and hybrid engines to slash emissions. They’re also tweaking engines and operations for better fuel mileage and fewer emissions. Lighter materials and recycled components are becoming the norm in manufacturing, aiming to reduce resource use and waste. Plus, keeping equipment in top shape for longer, encouraging remanufacturing, and recycling is the new mantra. And, of course, smart tech is playing its part in optimising equipment use for energy efficiency. These green initiatives are a win-win, trimming down environmental impacts and operational costs alike.

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Please talk more about Volvo CE’s electric and hybrid machines. 

Volvo CE’s electric and hybrid machines aren’t ordinary equipment; they offer a range of advantages tailored to different construction needs. Picture machinery that emits zero emissions operates silently and not only benefits the environment but also saves money through improved fuel efficiency. These machines are engineered to handle sensitive terrain effortlessly and provide enhanced control for superior performance. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance. These appealing features make Volvo CE’s eco-friendly machines an excellent choice for construction companies seeking environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.


Spokesperson – Dimitrov Krishnan, MD, Volvo CE

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