Hanna water testing range includes Industrial wastewater treatment, municipal water & WWTP, water conditioning and treating pool & SPA water.

With the rising population, India is deeply vulnerable to water shortage. Approximately 90% are dependent on the cultivation which requires freshwater. Only 40% of the wastewater is treated and rest remains untreated. It’s time to rethink on consuming, saving, treating and reusing water considering the climate change.

The Government’s vision of ‘Smart City’ is addressing the need for proper wastewater treatment and its reuse. Although small cities and villages are void of it but in Tier A and B cities wastewater treatment plants are installing slowly and steadily.

We at Hanna Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. always strive to bring innovation in our wide range of Instruments that have various applications. From food to water analysis + more, Hanna is creating milestones in bringing variety of testing instruments and working to solve some
of the world’s biggest problems by making scientific testing more accessible, easy and accurate.

Hanna is making many water testing instruments since long. Our Water testing range includes Industrial wastewater treatment, Municipal Water & WWTP, Water conditioning and treating pool & SPA water.

The applications of these products are vast and of great importance. Few of our popular instruments include:

  • Spot Testing for Chromium VI in Groundwater Wells: Check for Chromium VI levels using HI96749 tester determines levels of Chromium in groundwater.
  • Monitoring Greywater treatment for reuse: Our HI991300 and HI1288 instruments help determine pH, EC, and temperature of treated greywater.
  • Flouride Measurement in drinking water: To measure fluoride levels in drinking water HI5222, HI4010 and HI5315 are best testers offered by Hanna.
  • Nitrification & Denitrification in Wastewater Treatment: To determine levels of ammonia, dissolved oxygen in treated water our HI9829 series is the best.
  • To determine wastewater treatment efficiency: Hanna’s HI4421 BOD meter is widely used to determine the faecal matter, soaps and detergents, fats, greases, oils, and food particles in wastewater for further removing these particles from water.
  • For measuring turbidity in water: Turbidity is one of the most important aspects of drinking water, HI98703 turbidity meter meets all standards for testing soil particles, algae, organic matter etc in water.
  • To measure Chemical Oxygen demand in wastewater: HI83399-02 for COD measurement which tells you about the efficacy of the treatment plant and helps you to decide the further treatment process.
  • Measure Free and Total Chlorine in pool water: Maintenance of Free Chlorine with HI96701 levels in water to ensure sufficient chlorine is present for disinfection.
  • Measure Color of water: measurement of the colour of water with HI96727 may dictate the presence of both unwanted inorganic and organic material
  • Measure cyanide in plating wastewater: Toxic ions like Cyanide is most important to determine in water our ISE HI4109 is very useful for CN- determination at any given instance.

Our Process instruments include:

  • To measure online Dissolved Oxygen: With HI 8410 online do meter and HI 76410 DO probe gives instant DO reading in ETP, STP due to which we can set the required DO level by the further treatment process.
  • To measure and control chlorine level, pH in swimming pool: In regards to swimming pool treatment disinfection or sanitizing basically mean to rid the pool of bather contamination, destroy bacteria and to control nuisance organisms is done by PCA ( Process Control Analyser).
  • Online monitoring and controlling of PH, EC and TDS: Continuous controlling and monitoring of PH, EC and TDS parameters in a process plant is carried by our pH500 and HI 504 series, For EC and TDS we have HI 700 and HI 710 series.

There are numerous other products for various applications for water treatment. Contact us for more detailed information on Hanna Instruments product range.

Authored by:

Kondiba S Metkari
Business Manager
Hanna Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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