Ador Welding Limited, the premier manufacturer of welding equipment, consumables, and automation systems in India, proudly unveils its latest achievement: the acquisition of a groundbreaking patent titled “Hybrid Welding Method & Combination Torch Device for High Quality Welding.”

This landmark patent solidifies Ador’s position as the pioneering force in the Indian welding industry, marking the first instance of such recognition within the nation.

The patent underscores an innovative welding process that seamlessly integrates Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) techniques to elevate welding quality and productivity to unprecedented levels. Engineered by Ador’s dedicated team at the Technical Development Centre, spearheaded by Dr. Omkar Sahastrabuddhe, this method introduces a dual-torch system that amplifies deposition rates by 1.5 times compared to conventional GMAW processes, all while mitigating spatter issues typical of GTAW.

Commenting on this significant achievement, Aditya Malkani- Managing Director, Ador Welding says, “Our commitment to innovation and local manufacturing has once again placed Ador and India at the forefront of the global welding industry. The hybrid welding method represents a leap forward in welding technology, benefiting various industries and contributing to India’s industrial prowess. This patent is not just a testament to our team’s hard work and expertise but also aligns with the Make in India initiative, promoting self-reliance and technological advancement.”

The patented technology promises transformative impacts across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, shipbuilding, defense, and agriculture. By facilitating 1G position welding with reduced passes, it promises to revolutionise productivity and efficiency in fabrications and repairs alike. Additionally, the method is primed to redefine surface processing and cladding for both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, meeting the critical demands of various industries.

Ador Welding Ltd. envisages leveraging this patented technology to expand its market footprint, offering tailor-made solutions through its Welding Automation division. Not only does this innovation bolster the operational efficiency of existing clientele, but it also beckons new customers seeking cutting-edge welding solutions. Furthermore, Ador is exploring avenues to consolidate this technology into a single power source, further aligning with cost-effective and sustainable manufacturing practices.

As a torchbearer of innovation, Ador Welding Ltd. remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing welding technologies, adeptly meeting the evolving needs of industries worldwide. With this latest patent, Ador reaffirms its status as a trailblaser in welding technology, dedicated to delivering excellence and enhancing productivity on a global scale.

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