Unveil the cloak of weather uncertainty with Geometric Steels’ METAhybrid – a thermal insulated marvel that outsmarts summer heat, winter chills, and rainy-season worries. Explore the cunning three-layer protection that makes METAhybrid the superhero of all-weather industrial defence.

First, please provide an overview of your company’s focus and mission in industrial infrastructure products.

Our company, Geometric Steels, is dedicated to designing and producing cutting-edge industrial infrastructure products that cater to the evolving needs of various industries. Our mission is to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability in industrial Infrastructure through innovative solutions. Throughout our journey, we have consistently taken the initiative to bridge the gap between customer-specific requirements through advanced technology.

Can you highlight some of the key products that your company specialises in and how they contribute to industrial infrastructure development?

Our company specialises in a wide range of products, including METAhybrid, a thermal insulated roofing sheet, a roof access hatch for safe roof access, and louvres designed for industrial, commercial, and residential duct closure cover. We also offer stone-coated tiles in four profiles, polycarbonate transparent sheets, and airflow Ridge Vents for factory ventilation. Our product line includes purlin

sections such as C, Z, and L, hats, special sections based on design requirements, sag rods, profile colour-coated sheets, and smoke vents. These products are meticulously designed to optimise processes, enhance productivity, and uphold the highest safety standards. With a focus on energy-efficient technologies, we are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial Infrastructure technology, how does your company stay at the forefront of innovation?

Our team of engineers and experts constantly explores emerging technologies, trends, and industry challenges. Staying agile and adaptable is crucial in providing our clients with solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. In industrial infrastructure, all-weather protection is important when clients select the material.

Unveil the cloak of weather uncertainty with Geometric Steels' METAhybrid – a thermally insulated marvel that outsmarts summer heat, winter chills, and rainy-season worries. Explore the cunning three-layer protection that makes METAhybrid the superhero of all-weather industrial defence.

Can you brief us on the all-weather protection required by the client and which product you provide for industrial infrastructure?

When it comes to all-weather protection, the client’s expectations are clear. In summer, protection from heat is crucial; in winter, resolving condensation issues is imperative, and during the rainy season, concerns such as rain-tapping noise and leakage must be addressed. Client expectations while procuring materials or designing industrial

shades revolve around several key considerations. To assess the material’s service life, ensuring it provides longevity. Also, evaluate whether it offers value for money. Additionally, they inquire about any special arrangements needed for installation, including the requirement for skilled labour or specialised tools.

Our product, METAhybrid thermal insulated metal sheets, is the solution to the above issue, providing three-layer protection. The first top layer is a metal sheet shielding against external climatic conditions. The second intermediate layer offers thermal insulation with a 6 mm to 50 mm thickness, customised according to the building’s utility. The bottom layer is either aluminium foil or a metal sheet tailored to the factory’s requirements. This customisable solution is offered based on the building’s utility; it’s easy to install, making METAhybrid the ideal choice for customers for all-weather protection.

When it comes to the occupant’s comfort in the building, will only providing a thermal insulated roof resolve the issue?

NO, more than providing a thermal insulated metal roof alone will be required to ensure the comfort of building occupants. In this scenario, ventilation becomes crucial. We emphasise the concept that “Your building needs to breathe”. This entails inhaling fresh air and exhaling hot and impure air. Achieving this balance involves incorporating louvres at wall cladding to introduce fresh air into the building. Simultaneously, airflow ridge vents allow the escape of hot and impure air. Geometric Steels specialises in manufacturing special design louvres and airflow ridge vents, addressing the unique needs of effective building ventilation.

As the director of Geometric Steels, what would you say sets your company apart from competitors in the industry? Are there any specific values or principles that guide your company’s operations?

Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients by delivering reliable, high-performance solutions. Our emphasis on continuous improvement, ethical business practices, and a customer-centric approach form the foundation of our operations. We strive to meet industry standards and set new benchmarks for excellence.

Looking ahead, what are your company’s future infrastructure product launches?

Our company has launched stone coated roof tiles in four different profiles, which are durable products with a great traditional aesthetic look and thermal and sound insulation properties.

Discover efficient factory ventilation solutions at www.airflowridgevent.com and for in-depth information on thermal insulated roofing sheets, visit www.metahybrid.in Discover more insights into our innovative roofing solutions.

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