Manoj Kumar Managing Director, Armix Machinery. In an interview with B2B Purchase.

What are the products and technologies you are planning to display at Excon? 

Armix Machines are showcasing the most advanced technologies developed in association with the leading brands from Germany, the UK, and Italy, with Indian software and service. This will provide quality, affordability, and after service support that is necessary for any industry. 

Durability and savings in terms of cost, labour, and maintenance are critical for any manufacturer, and offering non-stop services will be an added advantage. At the Excon trade show, the Armix are displaying its products like BM 6 FA paver block machine, self-loading mobile truck mixers, planetary mixers, and cuber. Apart from this, the models of BM 3 EC and BM 12 FA will be available in our factory for any potential client to visit during or after the show.

In the present scenario, the market is looking for products available in the international market. Customers are demanding the most recent innovations and products in the industry, as product awareness has increased significantly as a result of travel and social media platforms. Machine manufacturing and product quality levels are on par with the global market at an affordable cost. This makes Indian products attractive not only in their domestic area but to adjacent countries in South East Asia and the Middle East. The present geopolitical tension, and pandemic-related issues have heavily impacted the European suppliers; and Chinese players are largely absent from the market. This will give enough space for most of the quality suppliers from India and be beneficial for the industries.

What are the key features of your products and solutions that make them smarter and greener? 

Armix machines are equipped with a modem system for 24/7 online service support and use standard parts for sourcing in any market. A plug and play solution is very important for an industry like this with a limited number of employees. Investors usually look at the quality output to see the quality of output, low maintenance, proper reporting system, and minimum down-time, and Armix machines are designed and has proven expertise in that area. 

In regards to the mobile trucks, we are working on alternative fuels such as green gas and electric drive among the others. This may take some more time to flourish as the market is in its initial stage and a major revolution is expected in coming years. 

Brick machines are working with maximum fly ash and slag/ggbs utilisation of up to 80 percent, and the biggest integrated plant is working with Jindal Group.

Please share what makes your products the most preferred in the segment. 

The most advanced technology are developed by leading global players and are manufactured in India without any compromise in terms of quality. To ensure quality and availability, we use the same standard of steel and other materials, components, and parts available in the international market. Indian software and services are proven and appreciated by the international community. Armix uses the latest technology and components related to electrical, electronic, and software systems and offers 24/7 online service support. Apart from the machines, installation and training, we are the only company to support the customers with designing the layout, foundation detailing, building civil and electrical work.

Please tell us about the latest technologies and solutions you have adopted recently. How is your organisation responding to the changing client requirements? 

Self-loading Armix Mobile Truck Mixers are the newest addition to our product line, and come in two sizes: 2 and 4 cubic metres. We’re continuously on the lookout for market feedback and the newest industry developments.

Based on the above factors, we will create an outline for our strategy, and move forward to launch the machine. All our machines are designed to international standards, which makes future modification and updates much easy. Even with an update, some of the models might be installed for project purposes and simply relocated. Standard machines useful for product variety and flexibility in operation as well as integration to multi products are considered during the design of Armix machines. 

Looking at the market opportunities and the push toward infrastructural development, what plans do you have to encash the opportunities? 

Construction is the backbone of any economy, and concrete plays a major role in it. Residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructural construction are important and necessary for the growth of any developing economy. Use of concrete will be in the form of ready-mix, precast, semi-dry concrete, light weight aac, stamped concrete, shuttering systems, or wet press methods are used in general. Real estate and construction are not down in India and the Middle East, even during COVID time. Infrastructure has started to move and gather pace in coming years. Government initiatives in the form of the golden quadrilateral, smart city initiatives, Sagar Mala, and FDI into multiple sectors and higher GDP will accelerate the market by the third quarter of this year. Based on the above factors and market feedback as well as our own assessment, we project a very positive market for the coming years. 

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