Why Automeck’s high pressure pumps are needed in construction sites?
Cleaning is itself a big concern for construction sites and the RMC plants. Items like RMC plants and transit mixers require daily cleaning. Other items like scaffoldings and pipes used in construction sites need cleaning and de-choking before stacking. However, keeping equipment and plants clean in daily basis leads to major financial benefits as concrete erodes the metal.

What is the market focus for Automeck’s high pressure pump business especially in the construction industry?
Concrete erodes the metal body of RMC trucks and the vehicle becomes heavier by 2-3 tonnes which results to more fuel consumption and mechanical breakdowns. Therefore, keeping equipment clean is always gives financial gains to a construction company.

Apart from cleaning of equipment, the dust suppression is a big concern for the RMC plants, where keeping control in moisture is an issue. We provide very reliable, moveable and customise dust suppression units to our customers where no compressed air is required and water consumption is very negligible.

As of now, companies like Ultratech Cement are using our products in large volumes for daily cleaning of their RMC plants throughout India. Our prime focus is to create awareness in small and medium sector construction companies.

Why Automeck?
Automeck is the alternate name of reliability having more than 1,000 satisfied customers. Our products are available in each and every state of India with an efficient after-sales and service team.
Our R&D team is constantly engaged in developing the products which will be practical and problem solving.

What is your product range?
Our main product is high pressure water jetting pumps. We do manufacture pumps from 120 bar (1,740 PSI) to 1,000 bar (14,500 PSI). The application area of our pumps is vast starting from automobile, industrial cleaning, construction and mining equipment cleaning, railways, shipping, industrial dust suppression etc.

Is there any new product in 2017?
We have developed an excellent product named MUDFLOW mud vacuuming system which is very helpful in sucking of mud and slurry from construction sites. Our MUDFLOW system is an excellent alternative especially where a mud pump gets choked or failed to suck mud or slurry.
This system discharges mud up to 20 metres vertical height and 50 metres horizontal. Volume can be achieved up to 120 cu.m. per hour.
The advantage of the product is that, it is absolutely moveable and compressed air is not required. The mud sucking is done by vacuuming and is therefore extremely helpful in bridge or barrage construction sites.
In addition, we have developed wet sand blasting units which are environment friendly and moveable. These are useful in open areas too.

Could you briefly explain us your future plans?
Automeck is aiming high in mining and construction industries as there is huge potential. All we have to do is to put every step firm. After-sales service is the important factor in our industry and we are fully committed to provide quality after-sales service to our customers. This has enabled us to retain 99 per cent of our customers since more than 10 years.

Though we have a very good presence throughout India, we feel there is long way to go. We have formed a team to focus and penetrate in rural sector as well. As far as our presence in construction industry is concerned, we are strengthening our efforts to create awareness about value added products and its applications in mining and construction industry.

Automeck has got a very bright future and we expect more than 300 per cent growth in our turnover by 2018-19.

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