When it comes to safeguarding industrial and commercial spaces from the ravages of fire, Avians’ fire-rated rolling shutters stand out as the epitome of safety and resilience. Engineered with double-wall insulation and equipped with cutting-edge safety mechanisms, these shutters offer more than just protection—they provide peace of mind.

Avians’ fire-rated rolling shutters are a beacon of safety in industrial and commercial settings, providing reliable fire protection and thermal insulation benefits. Crafted with precision using high-grade steel, these shutters effectively contain fire and smoke while offering enhanced energy efficiency.

The double-wall insulated construction of Avians’ fire-rated shutters ensures robust fire containment, preventing the rapid spread of flames and safeguarding property and lives. Engineered with double-wall slats, these shutters compartmentalise fire effectively, meeting industry standards for reliability and effectiveness in critical fire protection applications.

Avians’ shutters facilitate safe evacuation during fire emergencies by providing advanced safety features such as fusible links for automatic closing and integrated smoke detectors. Additionally, our certifications from reputable organisations like Exova Warrington UK guarantee adherence to international standards, ensuring peace of mind for businesses and occupants alike.

When it comes to safeguarding industrial and commercial spaces from the ravages of fire, Avians' fire-rated rolling shutters stand out as the epitome of safety and resilience.

Avians’ fire-rated rolling shutters include a motorised operation for fire containment, gradual closure in case of fire triggered by the fusible link, and high-quality construction with galvanised steel components and Rockwool insulation. Customisation options allow for tailored solutions, with integration possibilities into Building Management Systems (BMS) for enhanced operational efficiency.

In essence, Avians’ fire-rated rolling shutters offer a comprehensive safety solution, combining reliability, customisation, and adherence to industry standards to protect industrial and commercial premises from the threat of fire. With their advanced features and robust construction, these shutters give businesses the confidence and assurance they need to mitigate fire risks effectively.

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