There is a significant shortfall in the ever-changing mining sector towards the availability of higher-capacity equipment from domestic manufacturers. Shantanu Roy, Chairman, and Managing Director, of BEML Limited, discusses BEML’s role in revolutionising mining equipment, promoting environmental responsibility, and spearheading a forward-thinking approach to the industry’s growth.

How does your equipment cover the critical stages of overburden removal and post-mining operations?

Our extensive equipment lineup for mining applications includes a wide range of heavy-duty equipment such as Bulldozers, Excavators, Motor Graders, Dump Trucks, Water Sprinklers, and Loaders.  

For overburden removal, Electric Rope Shovels / Hydraulic Excavators (Electric / Diesel) and Loaders are used to excavate and load the overburden, whereas Rear Dump Trucks are used to transport the material to the dumping site.  Bulldozers and Motor Graders find applications in the preparation of benches and haul roads. 

In post-mining operations, Bulldozers are used to handle the mined material at stockyards, and Wheeled Loaders and Excavators are used for transferring the material from stockyards into wagon / trucks. 

Mining companies are highly dependent on these robust and high-tech HEMM equipment which plays a vital role in the removal of overburden, development of mines, extraction of coal/ minerals, and post-mining operations.

How do you assess the availability of advanced equipment in our mining market?

Every mining company is ramping up production year on year and mine size is growing to meet the demand. Further, bigger mines require high capacity & advanced equipment to meet the production target. However, there is a significant shortfall in the ever-changing mining sector towards the availability of higher-capacity equipment from domestic manufacturers. The fact that significant national corporations are raising this issue is heartening. BEML has already started ground-breaking projects as part of our steadfast commitment to bridge this gap and promote advancement. 

Among our endeavours are the development of 190 Tonne & 150 Tonne Electric Dump Trucks, 180 Ton electric/diesel Hydraulic Excavator, 850 HP Bulldozer. Further, we are in the process of developing a 550HP class Motor Grader, 460HP Wheeled Dozer, 21CuM Electric Rope Shovel, and 8 Ton Tyre Handler. These initiatives can potentially transform the industry entirely by increasing productivity and efficiency in mining operations. In addition, this will reduce dependence on imports and will make our mining industry self-sustainable. This calculated action demonstrates our commitment in offering wide range solutions that will push the mining sector to New heights while meeting the country’s high-volume production needs.

What is your perspective on recent government policies affecting the industry?

The climate for progress has become particularly favourable in light of recent government policies. India has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2070, backed up by an aggressive objective of achieving 50% coal production through eco-friendly efforts by 2030. This dedication is driving a paradigm shift in the mining environment, with a key emphasis on climate-smart mining practices, including mechanisation, electrification, diversification, and automation. Our ongoing initiatives demonstrate our active engagement in this changing journey. We are committed to developing cutting-edge Artificial intelligence-enabled mining equipment and Electric Hybrid mining machinery, among other creative solutions. These initiatives complement the government’s emphasis on achieving net-zero emissions by 2070 and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ / ‘Make in India’.

These holistic initiatives not only promise to improve the sector’s sustainability and environmental friendliness, but they also have the potential to revolutionise the mining industry, providing a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to the industry’s evolution.

What is your approach to talent development and ensuring a skilled workforce for the industry’s evolving needs?

Our unwavering focus is centred on developing talent and creating an atmosphere in which individuals with the right skill sets may thrive, thereby underpinning our route to success. We are great believers in matching the right individuals with the right positions. We have launched various initiatives to close skill gaps and strengthen our future workforce, including human capital development and apprenticeship programmes. To reduce labour expenditures, we actively investigate alternate employment structures, such as fixed-term and annual contracts.

In addition, we are committed to developing a corporate culture that emphasises unity, innovation, and ongoing progress. We promote the attitude of collaboration and innovative thinking throughout our organisation, which propels our collective success. Our entire policy framework, which includes medical benefits and leave policies, is strategically designed to retain our top personnel and promote a work atmosphere that is truly helpful and conducive to success.

Spokesperson – Shantanu Roy, Chairman and Managing Director, BEML Limited

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