Explore how CASE Construction Equipment’s illustrious history drives its relentless pursuit of innovation today, from pioneering inventions to current breakthroughs.

How does your historical legacy influence its commitment to innovation and excellence today?

With a legacy of over 180 years, CASE Construction has continuously led the way in innovation in the CE industry. CASE has a distinguished track record of pioneering advancements, from introducing the world’s first loader backhoe to spearheading the development of the industry’s inaugural fully electric loader backhoe. This rich history inspires us to strive for innovation continually, setting new benchmarks in the industry and reinforcing our position as a trailblazer committed to shaping the future of construction equipment.

How does the upgraded Loader Backhoe portfolio, featuring the industry’s safest operator cabin, align with CASE’s commitment to operator safety and comfort?

CASE India is committed to providing customers with complete support. Starting from performance to safety and comfort, we ensure a smooth transition. We have maintained Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) and Falling-Object Protective Structures (FOPS) standards in our machinery to guarantee the safety of drivers. Our company took This proactive measure, independent of any government legislation. The equipment stands out with a spacious cabin with near 360-degree visibility for higher productivity. Furthermore, our upgraded equipment can accommodate three people, including the driver, with a large buddy seat and storage space. The loader backhoe stands out for its technology and cares for the folks behind the wheel.

Could you elaborate on the introduction of FLEETPRO™ and how it addresses the evolving demands of customers and the changing landscape of the construction industry?

FLEETPRO has been framed for the existing customers, considering 50% of their equipment is over seven years old. It steps in to provide the right parts to replace the machine. FLEETPRO aims to amplify the brand’s efforts to provide comprehensive aftermarket solutions, providing CASE customers with a one-stop solution for the entire equipment lifecycle. This initiative reflects our commitment to anticipating and addressing the evolving needs of our customers while also aligning with the dynamic nature of the construction industry.

How does the Case Centre of Excellence at IIT Indore foster collaboration between academia and the industry for knowledge enhancement and research?

The partnership between CASE Construction Equipment and IIT Indore to establish the CASE Centre of Excellence would work like a bridge connecting the worlds of academia and industry. This collaboration, part of CASE’s CSR efforts, promises to create a hub for sharing ideas and boosting knowledge. With a slated opening in March 2024, the Centre will be equipped with top-notch lab gear, courtesy of CASE, offering a space where IIT faculty and students can dive into research and testing activities.

What are your thoughts on the recent union budget?

With the decision to boost Capex by 11.1% to ₹11.11 lakh crore, accounting for 3.4% of the GDP for the fourth consecutive year, the government is reaffirming its commitment to enhancing the nation’s infrastructural foundation. Introducing three major railway corridors and expanding airport facilities in the country is a positive step towards improving last-mile connectivity and fortifying the economy. Key rail infrastructure projects, such as Metro Rail and Namo Bharat, extending to additional cities, underscore a clear focus on connecting rural India to urban Bharat. New initiatives to enhance port connectivity, infrastructure, and facilities will create job opportunities and boost tourism. Overall, it is a well-rounded budget, showcasing the government’s sustained emphasis on crucial sectors.

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