As India’s construction industry surges forward, TRG International remains poised for sustainable growth and innovation. With a keen eye on upcoming projects in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and infrastructure sectors, they are primed to continue their legacy of excellence in the years to come.

With a focus on roofing systems, exterior wall sidings, waterproofing, insulation, and auxiliary building materials, what sets TRG International apart from other suppliers in the market?

TRG provides full-fledged support to our clients, covering every aspect from conceptual roof design to technical assistance, import procurement, and systematic project execution. We leverage a diverse array of structures and roofing materials, including boarding, insulation, waterproofing, ceilings, and cladding products, to ensure comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

With over 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of international architectural and roofing products, TRG stands as a pioneer in India. From roofing shingles to zinc, aluminum, and Galvalume roofing, as well as a variety of imported clay and handmade tiles, stone-coated tiles, thatch roofing, and concrete tiles, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project.

With a track record of over 1000 roofing projects completed both domestically and internationally, we have installed more than 15-20 million square feet of roofing products to date. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to continually deliver superior solutions, ensuring the success and satisfaction of our clients across every project we undertake.

TRG International boasts a track record of over 15-20 million square feet of installations across more than 1000 projects in over 16 states in India. Could you share some key highlights or success stories from these projects?

TRG takes immense pride in its established reputation and solid foundation within the field of construction, boasting a diverse portfolio that spans various sectors including Commercial & Government Infrastructure, Residential, Hospitality, Institutional, and Industrial projects.

Some notable projects that exemplify our expertise and commitment to excellence include Lavasa Hill City in Pune, Aamby Valley City in Lonawala, and the Sainik School in Chandrapur, among many others. These projects showcase our extensive experience and capability in executing projects of varying scales and complexities.

In the field of Commercial and Government Infrastructure, our capabilities encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from convention centres and auditoriums to airports and administrative buildings. Similarly, in the Residential sector, we have successfully delivered projects such as bungalows, gated community housing, and high-rise apartments, demonstrating our versatility and proficiency in meeting diverse residential needs.

Our footprint in the Hospitality sector extends to the creation of hotels, resorts, theme parks, and clubs, where we prioritise creating inviting and functional spaces that cater to guests’ needs. Additionally, our expertise in Institutional projects encompasses the construction of hospitals, schools, and educational institutes, reflecting our commitment to building infrastructure that supports essential services and institutions.

In the Industrial domain, we have contributed to the development of factories and facilities in the automobile industry, underscoring our ability to deliver projects that meet the rigorous demands of industrial clients.

TRG’s extensive portfolio speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering quality, innovation, and reliability across a diverse range of projects, making us a trusted partner in the construction industry.

Could you shed light on your approach to product excellence and versatility? 

TRG International has become a leading name in the field of technical, innovative & modern roofing and facade solution providers in India with a promise of the highest standard of quality and durability of the products.

With over two decades of significant and diverse experience in the roofing industry, TRG consistently ensures the effective design and execution of projects. Our continuous commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives all we do, cementing our reputation as a trusted industry leader.

Given the importance of sustainability in modern construction practices, what measures does TRG International take to promote eco-friendly building solutions and minimise environmental impact?

The shift towards sustainability in construction is no longer merely a trend but a fundamental priority, reflecting a growing awareness of our environmental impact. We are deeply committed to advancing sustainability in construction through a holistic approach that combines eco-friendly materials with energy-efficient design principles. This synergy minimises our environmental footprint and fosters a more resilient and sustainable built environment.

Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our meticulous attention to various parameters aimed at reducing environmental impact. We prioritise using sustainable and recycled materials, actively limit material usage to minimise waste generation and implement robust waste management practices such as segregation and recycling. Moreover, our commitment extends to constructing green buildings that adhere to stringent sustainability standards and undertaking adaptive reuse projects that breathe new life into existing structures, thus reducing the need for new construction.

We carefully manage construction sites to enhance conservation efforts and minimise disruption to local ecosystems. Additionally, our focus on energy conservation ensures that our projects are both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, contributing to long-term sustainability and reducing operational costs.

What are your key objectives and aspirations in terms of growth, innovation, and continued leadership in the building solutions sector?

As we can see, with positive Government policies and favourable business opportunities, India has a very promising and bright future for all domestic and export markets, especially in the construction industry, such as Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure, hospitality, and industrial.

Hence, TRG is very optimistic and looking forward to achieving sustainable and stable growth by serving a number of upcoming premium residences and farmhouse projects, hospitality and resort projects, airports and railway stations, convention centres and sports complexes, etc., in the near future.

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