Equipment’s efficiency, the cost of operations, reliability, and ease of operation are some of the parameters which are evaluated before acquisition of any such asset.

Can you brief us about your current order book size and large projects scheduled to be completed in the next 2-3 years?
G R Infraprojectshas over 20 years of legacy in the construction of roads and highways, bridges and airport runways has been consistently designing, engineering and constructing roads and highways of stunning size and complexity across 15 states in India. Our Current Order book is 17500 Crores (Approx)

Looking at the present scenario for project development/construction equipment, what would you advise as an EPC player? Buy or rent equipment, why do you say so?
Buying or renting an equipment of any project would purely depend on the type of projects ,activities involved in construction, tenure of project and also on the availability of rental equipment .For equipment’s which are high value are required for specialised activity we always recommend it to be leased out ,ensuring proper support and service including safety parameters .The Govt strategy on construction of rigid and flexible payment in the long run should also be considered for any high value investment on equipment.

What is your perception about the government’s reform policy consistency?
Looking at the last tenure of the government,where infrastructure development was one among the top most priorities where almost construction of 30 Kms of road everyday was an achievable target as lot of investments have happened on road assets by investors.

The government is trying to create investor friendly environment mitigating the risk.Road authorities are trying to bring in projects with different financial modelling which is a combination of EPC Hybrid Annuity and BOT projects.

How you manage your construction equipment resources?
Construction equipment’s are the lifelines for any Infra projects. Equipment’s efficiency, the cost of operations, reliability, and ease of operation are some of the parameters which are evaluated before acquisition of any such asset. As the projects are scattered across all regions of the country including remotest locations, critical structures being built, scare skilled resource and high volume of work the accessibility of the machine remotely will help the industry monitor Live Operations and productivity. We use digital platform for integrated with Sap system and hence monitor the machines productivity and Maintenance.

It has been widely reported that despite government’s efforts and reform initiatives, the infrastructure sector is grappling with lack of private investments. What is your view on this?
The sentiments of private investors has not been very positive due to correction on economic growth as per the economist The conservative approach by the private investors is leading full equidity crunch in the market .The recent news on media in the funding issues related to infrastructure has also related to infrastructure has also brought in negativity towards any new investment .However govt and authorities are trying to overcome such scenarios prevailing by various change in policies and new initiative.

What is your view on the outlook for 2022 for the infrastructure sector?
India being one of the fastest growing economy the need for infrastructure will always be needed and govt will come up with various reforms and initiatives to overcome the infrastructure requirements of the country.

Ratan Lal Kashyap, Sr. Vice President –Procurement, G R Infraprojects Ltd

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