In the realm of construction, bridges symbolise more than mere physical connections; they embody the spirit of innovation and progress.

Explore how one entity’s relentless pursuit of bridging beyond has reshaped the infrastructure landscape, linking aspirations to global achievements.

Can you talk about your leadership in manufacturing engineered steel and fibre-reinforced polymer construction products?
Established in 1983 in Thailand, Dextra has grown into a global leader in manufacturing engineered steel and fiber-reinforced polymer construction products. Over the years, we’ve participated in more than 20,000 major construction and industrial projects worldwide, which has equipped us with unparalleled global experience and expertise. This experience is continuously shared through our extensive network of partners.

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Can you provide an overview of Dextra’s contributions to iconic bridge projects, focusing on key products and solutions?
Dextra has played a crucial role in several iconic bridge projects, including the Bandra Worli Sea Link, Mumbai Trans Harbor Link, Thane Kalwa Creek Bridge, and Zuari Bridge to name a few. Our strength lies in our broad range of solutions and robust manufacturing capabilities, with plants located in India , Thailand, and China.

Our geotechnical solutions, such as the Sonitec sonic logging tubes, are essential for verifying the integrity of deep piles in foundation work. Our GFRP soil nails are also vital for soil stabilisation and deep foundation projects. These GFRP solutions are ideal for permanent applications due to their corrosion resistance and superior longevity compared to traditional steel options.

In bridge construction, our engineered bars are indispensable. We provide a range of tension rods that can be used as suspenders in various arch bridges and bowstrings. Our offerings include smooth and fully threaded post-tensioning bars, with the newest addition, the CR Bar 1080, standing out for its versatility, quality, and flexibility. This cold-rolled, fully threaded bar can be cut to any required length on-site and reused, thanks to its high-quality / performance material. These bars are crucial for temporary stressing, fixing platforms or scaffolding, launching gantry assembly, and heavy lifting.

Moreover, our rebar couplers are integral to both cast-in-place and precast rebar connections. Our extensive range of couplers ensures the continuous connection of reinforcement bars across various applications, including new construction, repair, and retrofit projects. Our products are distinguished by an impressive list of quality certifications from local and internationally recognised bodies, underscoring their reliability and performance in demanding construction environments.

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What are the core values and competitive advantages that distinguish Dextra from other companies in the construction industry?
What truly sets Dextra apart is our commitment to quality, sustainability, and exceeding industry expectations. We view reliability as a cornerstone of our operations, from engineering and manufacturing to project support and after-sales service. We aim to add value to our partners beyond merely selling products.

Our competitive edge lies in our agile creativity, transparent integrity, and environmental and social responsibility commitment. Most importantly, our passion and dedication to our work differentiate us from others in the field.

How is Dextra driving sustainability within the construction industry?
At Dextra, we understand our actions’ significant impact on the environment and society. Therefore, we are committed to driving positive change through our comprehensive ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy. We have integrated sustainability principles into every aspect of our operations.

We have acquired Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for several of our products, including rebar couplers, marine tie bars, and Geotec rock-bolt solutions, with more on the way. These EPDs reflect our dedication to transparency and our environmental impact.

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What strategies does Dextra employ to deliver tailored technical solutions and maintain a reliable supply chain for clients globally?
Dextra excels in providing technical solutions tailored to the challenges of any given project and meeting its Clients’ requirements/expectations.

Our dedicated team works closely with customers from the project’s initial stage, supporting them in achieving higher safety and productivity levels on their construction sites. With physical stocks strategically located on multiple continents and supported by local inventories through an extensive distribution network, we ensure the availability of products at any point in time, thus maintaining a steady and reliable supply chain.

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