In an era of rapid technological change, Jayashree Electron has been a driving force behind the integration of noncontact sensors and efficient motor starters in the manufacturing sector, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Sensing the future is an essential aspect of any manufacturing industry. The technology is changing every day. The change is focused mainly on developing products for automation, miniaturisation, efficiency, user-friendliness, and betterment of human life. Jayashree Electron witnessed all such changes over the last 40 years and is progressing with time.

Noncontact sensors are the silent enablers of the digital revolution. Jayashree Electron has revolutionised the Indian Industry by introducing cost-effective Proximity Switches, reducing the reliance on expensive imports. We sensed the importance of noncontact proximity sensors in 1980 and have since been pioneers in introducing and producing many products useful for automation. The sensors are today key products used in any bulk material (cement, power, fertiliser, steel, etc.) handling parts. We have today more than 1,500 models of sensors working efficiently in Material Handling/ Automobile/Machine tools/Robotics/Defence and all process industries. One of the basic uses of a sensor is to sense the speed of any rotating object by the non-contact method. The electronic speed monitors designed and developed fully in-house serve all Process Industries/ Material handling plants/Defence, etc.

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The Induction Motor is another workhorse of Industry. Today, no machine/equipment can operate without a motor. Starting an induction motor is always a complex process and needs a correct solution/Starter. Jayashree Electron developed a very simple, useful, and effective motor starter in 1980. Since then, thousands of Soft-Starters have served Irrigation/ Water supply pumps/Compressors in India and abroad. We have installed custom-built soft starters for key applications such as Oxygen Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, and offshore Rigs and have been working trouble-free for many years. The soft starters help control energy during a motor’s starting and increasing the motor’s life during running. Our starters’ unique core-free (Air Core) harmonic-free design combined with the latest HMI control system makes our starters very reliable and trouble-free.

Our commitment to quality and performance has driven rapid growth, leading to the developing of a wide range of control and safety products. From advanced proximity switches and electronic speed switches to level sensors, Level monitors, Transducers,

 IR Safety Barriers, Electronic DC injection brakes, motor control products like soft starters, Load Monitors, etc. We continuously expand our portfolio.

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