Eni’s specialised lubrication solutions optimise heavy machinery, reduce downtime, enhance energy efficiency, and drive sustainability in industrial operations.

Eni Lubricants is Italy’s largest industrial giant, globally renowned in 100+ countries, with 400+ lubricant variants. They’ve joined forces in India with APAR Industries Ltd, a six-decade-old leader. Sundar Subramanian, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing at APAR, shares insights on their products and more.

What sets you apart in crafting Synthetic oils and lubricants for Infra and heavy industries?

Several factors set us apart when crafting synthetic lubricants for Infra and heavy industries. The most important parameters are as follows:-

Advanced Formulation Expertise: Eni, Italy, has decades of experience formulating Synthetic Lubricants tailored to heavy applications. Our Experts develop the products with a deep understanding of industry Requirements. For example:- Our Synthetic gear oils BLASIA SX range, Long Drain Synthetic Technology Hydraulic oils ARNICA AS, which as Ashless Range, ensure equipment’s performance and protection with advanced lubrication technology.

High-Performance Additives: In the Lubricant Additives field, Eni has superior expertise and a commitment to innovation due to extensive know-how. Eni holds several patents regarding additives and their application in lubricants through its Technological Research and Development department. This confirms its enthusiastic and fruitful research work necessary to keep up with the new stringent specifications and oil performances. In the Eni Research Centre in San Donato Milanese (close to Milan), the additives activity is aimed at the synthesis of new products and their scale-up; evaluation of additives performance with laboratory tests and in-house engine ones; evaluation of finished lubricants according to the specifications released by the international bodies and the most important OEMs. Furthermore, the Centre co-operates with the most important Italian and foreign Universities and International Laboratories to find new molecules and methodologies in the field. Eni is compliant with the American Chemistry Council Product Approval Code of Practice (ACC)

Eni produces its additives at the Robassomero plant (Turin), which has high standards in production quality and respect for the environment and safety.

By combining these elements, we can outperform conventional options and also cater to the specialised demands of Infra and heavy industrial customers.


How can you enhance operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for heavy machinery and industrial equipment through specialised lubrication solutions?

Our contributions to the industrial sector are multi-faceted and significant. Our high-performance Engine oils, such as the I SIGMA Range, OSO & ARNICA Hydraulic oil, and GR Range of Greases, are pivotal in reducing unscheduled downtime. They offer superior protection against wear, corrosion, and other forms of degradation, leading to extended maintenance intervals and enhanced equipment availability and productivity. For instance, our unique range of extreme pressure greases boasts a lifespan 3-5 times longer than standard EP2 Grease.

Energy efficiency is another hallmark of our offerings. We engineer our lubrication solutions to curtail energy consumption by minimising friction and heat generation, translating to amplified energy efficiency and trimmed operational costs. This is particularly beneficial for large-scale industrial operations where energy consumption is critical. Our new energy-efficient Turbo machinery oils exemplify this, reducing mechanical viscous losses of lubricated rotating parts by 5-15% and boosting overall machinery efficiency compared to standard oils.

A case in point is the tangible impact realised by customers who switched to Eni products on a 30 MW natural gas turbine. The transition yielded a reduction of 240 tons/year in CO2 emissions. It saved 120,000 SMC/year of natural gas, underscoring the capacity of our solutions not just to enhance operational efficiency and contribute substantively to environmental conservation efforts. In essence, our offerings are meticulously designed to deliver improved productivity, energy efficiency, and sustainability


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