Anurag Pai, Marketing Manager- South Asia, Perkins, shares his thoughts and perspectives on the latest developments and innovations propelling the diesel engine industry forward.

How does your company demonstrate its commitment to innovation, and what specific innovations have you introduced to meet the needs of your diverse clientele?

With a rich history spanning over 90 years since its establishment in 1932 in England, our company has evolved into a global powerhouse with a robust presence across North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Boasting two factories in India, located in Hosur close to Bangalore and Aurangabad, Maharashtra, we’ve solidified our footprint in over 180 countries through a well-established global distribution network. At the heart of our offerings are world-class diesel engines, renowned for their excellence and reliability, driving over 5000 diverse applications. Our engines find application in material handling, general construction, power generation, agriculture, and industry, covering a broad spectrum of sectors. From compact engines to some of the largest in the market, our extensive range caters to unregulated and highly regulated territories worldwide. Our expertise spans the entire application spectrum, allowing us to serve a diverse clientele with unwavering commitment and innovation across the globe.

How will industry events like Excon catalyse industry growth?

Industry events like Excon are pivotal in catalysing growth in India’s construction equipment sector, aligning with the nation’s robust infrastructure development focus. As India gears up for substantial growth, the construction industry, particularly in equipment, assumes a critical role. Excon serves as a significant platform for fostering preparedness for this growth. Beyond its role as a networking event facilitating connections among industry players, it serves as a showcase for cutting-edge products and innovations. The event unveils numerous new product launches, providing attendees with insights into the offerings of various companies. Attending such trade shows or conferences offers professionals a crash course in the industry’s latest developments, enabling them to explore innovations, attend workshops, and enhance their network within the dynamic sector.

How does the construction equipment sector contribute to India’s overall focus on infrastructure development?

We stay abreast of innovation and product development through a dedicated engineering and technical team focused on new product development. Our comprehensive approach involves an in-depth understanding of the five key sectors we serve, including industry, leveraging the expertise to meet sector-specific requirements. Proximity to our customers is paramount; we maintain close relationships to grasp evolving needs. A dynamic team is attuned to industry and customer dynamics, ensuring we incorporate changing sector requirements into our product architecture. This proactive approach enables us to stay informed, agile, and responsive in an ever-evolving innovation and product development landscape.

How does your company foster positive change within the industry regarding environmental practices and sustainability?

Our commitment to operational efficiency and sustainability is embodied in our tagline, “Together, we power ahead,” reflecting our pivotal role at the heart of every great machine. Our focus on sustainable progress is paramount in the dynamic landscape of technological changes worldwide. Operationally, we drive sustainability through our aftermarket business, promoting engine repair options. Embracing a circular economy, we actively engage in reclaiming engines, repairing them, and thereby contributing to reducing the global carbon footprint. Our dedication to operational excellence and sustainability underscores our proactive role in addressing environmental concerns and fostering positive change within the industry.

How does the CPCBIV+ engine position your company at the forefront of environmental stewardship in light of the already effective emissions regulations?

Our latest innovation, the CPCBIV+ engine, represents the next evolution in meeting stringent emission norms, particularly the upcoming CPCB IV+ standards in India from 2024. As you explore the event, you’ll encounter Perkins engines powering various machines, emphasising our strong presence and the industry’s reliance on our products. Excon 2023 is the ideal platform to introduce and celebrate these advancements, reinforcing our dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Other than meeting emissions, why is the new CPCB IV+ engine ideally suited to the Indian EP industry? 

The 2806FA CPCB IV+ compliant engine provides a single, robust platform to cover two key power nodes, delivering impressive transient response and reliable prime power for critical applications. The common platform simplifies maintenance training and service parts inventory. Fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption are optimised to match the operating cycles of generators, helping lower costs for the life of the engine.

How does your global brand distinguish itself in the fiercely competitive landscape, especially considering the intense race to meet the next emission norms?

 Our global brand stands out in a fiercely competitive landscape where the race to meet the next emission norms is intense. Whether addressing emissions challenges in the genset industry or responding to the demands of the industrial power sector, our commitment to technological advancement is unwavering. Leveraging our global presence, we bring cutting-edge products from around the world to India and the broader South Asian market. Our competitive edge extends to sustainability, encompassing batteries and renewable solutions, positioning us as a forward-thinking manufacturer in a fast-evolving territory.

In what ways do we actively engage with our customers to gain an understanding of their unique challenges and requirements?

Our commitment is to be more than just a product manufacturer; we are complete solution providers. We actively engage with customers, seeking to understand their unique requirements and challenges. By facilitating a deep understanding of the problems they face, we ensure our recommendations align with the most reliable and appropriate solutions. Going beyond product delivery, we offer an end-to-end aftermarket service, providing comprehensive service offerings that support customers throughout their journey, reinforcing our dedication to delivering value and support beyond the point of sale.

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