Discover how Power Build’s emphasis on reliability defines the core of its geared motors, making them pivotal in industries worldwide. Explore insights into their international presence and initiatives driving a carbon-neutral economy.

How does Power Build see its products contributing to developing the construction, infrastructure, and mining sectors?   

We have a very wide range of mechanical power transmission products. However, we believe in selling the solution rather than the product. We consider the customer’s pain, focus on customer-oriented solutions, and highlight our customer services. By selling the true value, we reflect our response to the market. We are an Indian multinational company with the latest product design and world-class manufacturing facilities in India and Thailand.

How do Power Build’s reliable and high-performing geared motors boost equipment and process efficiency in various industries?

Geared motors and gearboxes are the heart of any engineering product. It is not just the torque and speed but the reliability of the Geared Motor that defines the performance of your product or equipment. Power Build has been the top choice of customers due to its reliability and performance, so whenever they think of Geared Motors, they choose reliability over the ordinary and choose the brand RADICON POWER BUILD. This name personifies reliability and value.

How does your global presence with over 1.5 million installed products help meet the varied needs of project procurement professionals worldwide?

In 2010, we acquired the Thailand-based Geared Motor business of David Brown UK, which is now known as RadiconTransmissions (Thailand) Ltd. So the branch came to RADICON POWERBUILD, which brought the benefits of the latest product design and the best in manufacturing technology and customer support. With this acquisition, we now have more than 12 international locations. We have either our offices or assembly centres. We are catering to various MNC clients who are also present in several parts of the world; today, many clients purchase from India and supply to the world or vice versa. Customers also feel comfortable as we have a presence and installations of our product in several countries like the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia & South East Asia, etc.

Discover how Power Build's emphasis on reliability defines the core of its geared motors, making them pivotal in industries worldwide. Explore insights into their international presence and initiatives driving a carbon-neutral economy.

Can you provide insights into your company’s innovative approach to designing and manufacturing geared motors and related products?

With an obsession for Quality and Technology, PBL has always stayed ahead by continuously investing in the latest manufacturing technology, processes, and quality systems. Over the years, PBL has delivered world-class, robust, and reliable products for the Power Transmission industry. We continuously upgrade our products to match global benchmarks from time to time, use the latest technology and efficient methods in manufacturing, and provide efficient service and support to our customers at all times by continually remaining focused on our customers’ needs & expectations, Ensure operations remain cost-effective and profitable, and continuously upgrade our knowledge with multidimensional skills.

Do your products include initiatives or features that support a carbon-neutral economy and climate action in its served industries?

The government focus is more on high-class energy-efficient products by Indian manufacturers. We are proud of our contribution to society and the protection of the environment. We offer solutions with higher efficiency IE2/IE3 geared motors suitable for running through VFD with soft starting and an optimised product selection that can monitor your overall electricity consumption. This could help the industry earn carbon credits. The guidelines also laid for energy-efficient motors and other equipment, so we have fewer carbon footprints.

How does Power Build see its products aiding the nation’s pursuit of technological excellence and sustainable growth?

India is the fastest-growing major economy in the world today. We believe in self-reliance in India’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ in sync with our Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi’s ambition to become a 5 trillion economy. We are also expanding in India and globally. We have a reasonably good share of the Indian market; our focus is to gain market share globally. We have products to cater to those markets, and the continuous development of new products is our strength. Having the latest products to offer, we believe in collaboration, trust, ethical practices, and customer satisfaction; this helps us grow sustainably.

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