Raghvan R S, Managing Director, Proman, shares insights into Proman’s dynamic evolution and strategic initiatives in the construction and material handling industries.

What is the core focus of Proman’s business, and how has it evolved over its 23-year history?

Proman, a seasoned 23-year-old company, commenced its journey in the competitive landscape of aggregate crushing and screening, particularly in the globally pivotal sand market. Over time, our evolution has been marked by diversification into various verticals, expanding our horizons beyond aggregates. Venturing into industrial minerals and mining and establishing a strategic joint venture with the American company Went for metal recycling are symbolic of our commitment to adding value and guiding customers up the value chain. Our footprint spans key sectors, positioning us as a formidable player in the circular economy, emphasising reuse and recycling. We’ve demonstrated versatility from addressing construction and demolition waste to pioneering metal recycling in both ferrous and non-ferrous domains. Notably, our innovative endeavours include transforming materials like slag into functional sand. Behind these diverse ventures, our robust backend team excels in production, application, and manufacturing, ensuring seamless support for our multifaceted verticals. As we embrace sustainability, our trajectory propels us towards a future where circular economy principles shape our materials and resource management approach.

What specific initiatives or displays did Proman feature at Excon to highlight its diverse offerings and capabilities?

In the increasingly crowded landscape, Proman primarily engaged with Excon, a prominent show in India, as its key platform for showcasing customer offerings. This event was a valuable stage to highlight its capabilities across diverse verticals. It presented a comprehensive display of expertise, featuring dedicated specialists who understood and could adeptly address customer inquiries. Its participation underscored a commitment to showcasing the depth of its solutions. Internally, its teams focused on various verticals, ensuring a specialised approach and the ability to provide nuanced solutions. This strategic engagement at Excon allowed Proman to demonstrate its prowess and responsiveness in meeting customer needs.

In what ways did these product launches align with Proman’s vision and objectives in the construction and related industries?

Regarding product launches, Proman’s focus was not just on individual products but on holistic solutions. Noteworthy releases included its support jaws and Porter cones, designed for compact wheeled and mobile equipment. Additionally, it introduced an integrated washstand group in collaboration with Techna. Another standout product was the vertical shaft impact 1530 with dual drive. These innovations represented its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, where each product played a crucial role in contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of its offerings.

How does strategic partnering affect your commitment to knowledge and staying ahead in the market?

Our approach’s core is a commitment to knowledge and staying ahead of the curve. We consistently anticipate ways to add value. We proactively engage in collaborative efforts, researching technologies and partnering strategically. This foresight enables us to cultivate a 360-degree relationship with all our associations, ensuring a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to delivering value to our stakeholders.

Can you elaborate on the strategies employed by Proman to foster a culture of encouragement within the organisation?

Our strategy is straightforward: attract the best talent, foster a culture of encouragement, and collaborate with industry professionals. We continually augment our team by Drawing from our own sector and related industries. With individuals boasting over two decades of experience, we prioritise building a cohesive and dynamic team, ensuring our workforce remains a key strength in achieving our goals.

How does Proman approach bulk material handling, and what specific solutions does the company offer in this domain?

Our diverse initiatives span industrial minerals, bulk material handling, and mining, particularly in coal and limestone crushing. We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions for coal handling and crushing plants and offer expertise in wet and dry washing. Our capabilities extend to delivering solutions for plaster sand and wash time in various applications. Additionally, we are prominent players in metal recycling, covering both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. These ventures collectively position us for robust growth, underlining our commitment to innovation and relevance in the evolving landscape.

What benefits does the Porta Cone offer, and in what operational contexts does it excel?

Our recent launches include the Porta Cone, a compact and relocatable plant for efficient job site use. Another innovation is the wash sand group, featuring a compact design with a six-meter thickener tailored specifically for washing sand applications. These advancements underscore our commitment to delivering versatile and efficient solutions in various operational contexts.

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