The difficulties of managing the changing regulatory environment in the crushing and screening sector are discussed in this interview. Learn how openness may serve as a driving force for improvements and lay the groundwork for future regulatory adjustments and success.

Can you provide more details about the features and functionalities of the comprehensive online platform you’re developing for real-time monitoring in the IoT domain?

Anticipate cutting-edge advancements in the upcoming years as we strengthen our presence in the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT). We focus on creating a comprehensive online platform, enabling real-time equipment monitoring, customer engagement, and plant performance via mobile devices. We’ve successfully developed and deployed this innovative solution. Additionally, on the service front, we offer maintenance contracts and operations maintenance contracts, including platinum-level services, showcasing our commitment to delivering holistic and top-tier solutions.

How do these new products contribute to your overall product portfolio, and do they represent a strategic shift or expansion in your company’s focus?

We showcased groundbreaking products, including a revolutionary battery electric truck unveiled in the esteemed presence of Nitin Gadkari. Additionally, we introduced two state-of-the-art machines—A track machine and a jaw crusher, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and advancement in the industry.

What strategies or approaches do you employ to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the crushing and screening industry?

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and product development propels our status as the fastest-growing crushing and screening company. Continuously introducing groundbreaking products is critical in our leadership journey, ensuring we remain informed and dynamic in an ever-evolving industry and driving our sustained growth and success.

Considering the evolving nature of regulations, how do you incorporate flexibility into your business strategies to adapt to future changes in the regulatory environment?

Navigating the current regulatory landscape in the crushing and screening industry poses an ongoing challenge. However, this challenge is increasingly transparent, shedding light on crucial aspects. Enhanced transparency addresses industry hurdles, fosters a conducive working atmosphere, and improves the ease of doing business. Embracing transparency becomes pivotal for a brighter future, creating a foundation for substantial progress and positive transformations within the regulatory framework, ultimately benefiting the industry.

Our entry into the Indian market and its international counterpart involves a strategic approach. We observe promising growth, with 10 to 12 percent of our business coming from exports. The mutually beneficial expansion contributes positively to our domestic and export margins.

How has your company utilised expos to highlight its unique value proposition and competitive advantages in the screening and crushing market?

Expos like Excon are pivotal in catalysing industry growth for screening and crushing. Over the years, these events have proven instrumental in capturing market attention, providing an ideal platform for customer engagement. Such gatherings facilitate meaningful interactions, attracting customers to visit and explore and fostering industry growth through valuable connections and exposure.

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