In an exclusive interview with Schwing Stetter India’s visionary MD, V G Sakthikumar, we delve into the dynamic landscape of the infrastructure equipment industry and the transformative journey the company has undertaken in the past three years. Focusing on innovation, globalisation, sustainability, and inclusivity, this article unveils the behind-the-scenes narrative of how Schwing Stetter India is not just keeping pace with industry trends but setting new benchmarks for growth and technological advancement.

The infrastructure landscape in India is experiencing an unprecedented surge, with ambitious projects swiftly transitioning from blueprints to reality. At the forefront of this transformative period stands Schwing Stetter India, a company that has witnessed and actively contributed to this upward trajectory over the past three years. As the industry gears up for another promising year, Schwing Stetter India is poised to drive significant sales in machinery, marking a pivotal period for all stakeholders involved.

With a showcase of 77 machines, including several novel introductions, Schwing Stetter India’s presence at key exhibitions symbolises the company’s commitment to innovation and adaptation. Notable expansions into critical sectors such as mining, port handling, and road construction underline their versatile contributions to the infrastructure ecosystem. Moreover, innovations like soil stabilisers, compactors, and a venture into 3D printing technology showcase a forward-thinking approach to address diverse industry needs.

One of the remarkable achievements highlighted by Schwing Stetter India is the development of a machine exclusively designed and manufactured in India, tailored precisely for the discerning U.S. construction market. This strategic move demonstrates the company’s prowess in customisation and underscores its global aspirations.

The company’s focus on globalisation, sustainability, technology, and inclusivity forms the bedrock of its operational philosophy. Technologically, Schwing Stetter India has introduced cutting-edge control systems catering to specific machinery functionalities, enhancing the user experience through remote monitoring options. This tech integration reflects their dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, Schwing Stetter India’s products include concrete and construction waste recycling plants, a testament to their proactive approach towards addressing environmental concerns. Introducing the electric-driven shotcrete machine also aligns perfectly with the industry’s paradigm shift towards cleaner energy sources.

The company’s display at Excon 2023 showcased a remarkable inclusivity initiative, with over 30 women actively managing the machinery. This progressive step not only signals a departure from conventional norms but also emphasises Schwing Stetter India’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive work environment.

As for globalisation, the company’s expansion of its product range for international markets solidifies its dedication to competing on a global scale, showcasing an unwavering commitment to excellence beyond domestic borders.

Looking towards the future, Schwing Stetter India’s approach to innovation is customer-centric, relying on gathered data and customer feedback as the guiding force for future developments. Rather than merely outlining plans, the company showcases and discusses machines, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to meet evolving industry demands.

Schwing Stetter India is a beacon of growth and innovation in the infrastructure equipment industry. Their steadfast commitment to technological advancements, sustainability, inclusivity, and global expansion sets the stage for a promising future for the company and the entire landscape of infrastructure development in India and beyond.

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