In an exclusive interview with B2B Magazine, Surat Mehta, Business Head of SDLG India, shares insights into the latest developments and innovations in the construction equipment industry showcased at Excon 2023. From sustainable initiatives to cutting-edge technologies, Mehta provides a comprehensive overview of SDLG’s vision for the future.

Setting the stage at Excon

The interview starts with a discussion at Excon 2023, where SDLG’s stall inside the hangar was a hub of activity. Mehta expresses his excitement about the positive response received from customers, attributing it to the phenomenal interest generated by the display of all-electric machines. The strategic move to showcase their products indoors proved a game-changer, resulting in increased footfall and a surge in inquiries.

Sustainable initiatives

As sustainability takes centre stage in the construction equipment sector, SDLG is at the forefront of driving change in India. Mehta highlights the company’s commitment to exploring various technologies beyond alternate fuels. While green fuels like biodiesels and HVOs are part of their focus, SDLG is pushing boundaries with battery electric machines that eliminate the traditional fuel concept. Mehta reveals that SDLG is also actively working on hydrogen as a fuel and enhancing hydraulic efficiency, showcasing their dedication to a multi-faceted approach to sustainability.

A glimpse into the future

The conversation shifts to SDLG’s diverse product portfolio on display at Excon. From electric battery loaders to grid electric excavators, Mehta walks us through the innovative offerings. Notably, SDLG is not limiting its scope to alternate fuels; the company is venturing into uncharted territories. Mehta reveals that SDLG is testing machines with hydrogen as a fuel at different factories, signalling a paradigm shift in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with B2B Magazine, Surat Mehta, Business Head of SDLG India, shares insights into the latest developments and innovations in the construction equipment industry showcased at Excon 2023.

Service solutions and equipment as a service

SDLG’s commitment to providing holistic solutions is evident in its display of services such as Equipment as a Service. Mehta elaborates on this innovative concept, explaining how SDLG aims to give customers access to machines on a pay-per-use basis, ushering in a new era of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the display includes charging solutions, offering customers a better understanding of the technology driving the shift toward sustainability.

Challenges and collaborations in the pursuit of sustainability

Mehta acknowledges the challenges associated with the availability of alternate fuels and sheds light on SDLG’s collaborative efforts. The company is forging partnerships with companies specialising in biodiesels, working towards setting up biodiesel storage at customer sites. He emphasises the need for government support, particularly in the construction equipment sector’s electrification initiatives. SDLG aims to be a driving force in aligning with the government’s vision for a sustainable future.

 Shaping the future of construction equipment

Our conversation concluded with a sneak peek into SDLG’s plans for 2024. Mehta unveils the launch of new products, including advancements in their compaction range and wheel loaders moving to CV5 emission levels. Excitingly, the coming year will witness the introduction of new excavators and a mining-class motor grader. Mehta expresses gratitude to the industry for its support and envisions a promising future for construction equipment in India over the next decade.

As the conversation unfolds, it becomes clear that SDLG is not merely adapting to industry trends but actively shaping the future of construction equipment. From sustainable initiatives to groundbreaking technologies, SDLG’s commitment to innovation is poised to leave a lasting impact on the sector. The construction industry in India is on the cusp of transformation, and SDLG is leading the way.

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