According to B K R Prasad, General Manager – Marketing at Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery, the goal is not just to build a nation for tomorrow but to do so sustainably. This mindset defines Tata Hitachi’s basic vision, in which innovation and sustainability combine to form a future that is not only constructed for tomorrow but designed to last.

Tata Hitachi, a formidable player in the construction equipment sector, is a linchpin in India’s present construction industry. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and reliable machinery, Tata Hitachi continues to spearhead innovation, contributing significantly to the nation’s infrastructure development and reinforcing its pivotal role in the dynamic landscape of Indian construction. “Innovation is not just about creating something new; it’s about creating something valuable,” B K R Prasad, General Manager – Marketing at Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery, eloquently articulated, setting the tone for a conversation that unveils Tata Hitachi’s commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the construction sector.

Here are the insights from our exclusive interview with B K R Prasad, obtained during the Excon 2023 event.

A legacy of innovation

With a legacy over 60 years, Tata Hitachi has played a pivotal role in shaping India’s construction landscape. Prasad emphasised the company’s deep understanding of the Indian market, attributing Tata Hitachi’s success to its ability to comprehend customer needs. This knowledge and access to global technologies from the Hitachi Group form the backbone of Tata Hitachi’s innovative endeavours.

Product portfolio and technological advancements

Tata Hitachi’s success lies in its diverse and advanced product portfolio. Tata Hitachi has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions, from hydraulic excavators to backhoe loaders, from wheel loaders to mining dump trucks. Beyond machinery, the company strongly emphasises service solutions, spare parts, and digital initiatives, ensuring a comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction.

One standout exhibit at the Excon 2023 showcased Tata Hitachi’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Two indigenously developed electric excavators, the EX55 and EX510, were on display, imported from Japan. Prasad highlighted their significance as the first battery excavators developed in India, offering zero emissions and noise, and addressing the critical need for sustainable construction practices.

Also on display were EX70 PRIME with AC cabin, EX130 PRIME, ZAXIS 140H ULTRA, EX 210LC PRIME, ZAXIS 220LC ULTRA, EX235 LC-VR; SHINRAI POWER-4 and SHINRAI PRO 49HP four wheel drive backhoe loaders; the country’s only Hydrostatic Wheel Loader TL340H PRIME; 5-Tonne Class Wheel Loader ZW225; and other EX Series and ZAXIS Series range of Hydraulic excavators. Tata Hitachi’s support solutions on display include a range of attachments, genuine spare parts, and an array of service offerings.

Sustainability at the core

The conversation with Prasad shed light on Tata Hitachi’s commitment to sustainability, which is evident in its products and approach to industry challenges. A notable innovation presented was the EX235 LC-VR, a solution designed to tackle the disposal challenges of end-of-life vehicles. With a mechanised attachment named the nibbler, Tata Hitachi facilitates dismantling cars into smaller, recyclable pieces, aligning with their vision for a sustainable future.

“Our focus extends beyond machinery, including service solutions, spare parts, and digital initiatives. Notably, our driving philosophy, ‘Aao Kartavya Nibhaye, Chalo Desh Banaye,’ underpins our commitment to building the nation for tomorrow and sustainably,” asserted Prasad.

Tata Hitachi Construction

Diversity and inclusivity

Beyond technology and products, Tata Hitachi takes pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive work culture. Prasad highlighted the company’s efforts to break gender norms within the construction equipment industry. Female operators were showcased at an exhibit, operating machinery with precision. This commitment to inclusivity is a corporate strategy and a cultural shift that Tata Hitachi is actively driving.

Global footprint and business expansion

Globalisation is a key aspect of Tata Hitachi’s strategic vision. While adhering to Hitachi’s guidelines in certain geographies, the company actively pursues business interests beyond the Indian borders. In-house designed products like backhoe and wheel loaders enable Tata Hitachi to step into new markets, establishing models country by country and expanding their footprint.

Regulatory challenges and industry advocacy

The conversation turned to the regulatory landscape impacting the construction machinery industry. Prasad provided insights into the industry’s engagement with regulatory bodies, particularly the absence of a specific framework for off-road equipment in India. Through its association with industry groups, Tata Hitachi is actively advocating for establishing clear regulations, which are crucial for positioning India as a global source of construction equipment.

Looking ahead

Prasad outlined Tata Hitachi’s approach to upcoming challenges as we looked towards the future. With a focus on customer-centric innovation, the company intends to leverage its understanding of the Indian market and the technological prowess of the Hitachi Group. Notable examples include the X60 and TMX 20, pioneering products that set benchmarks in the industry.

The recent unveiling of the first indigenous battery excavator in India by Nitin Gadkari, the Honorable Minister for Road Transport & Highways, showcased Tata Hitachi’s continuous drive for innovation. This milestone underlines their commitment to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of the Indian customer.

Tata Hitachi is more than just a manufacturer in the construction machinery industry—it is a catalyst for advancement. The conversation with B K R Prasad illuminated the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Tata Hitachi’s vision extends beyond machinery – it encompasses a holistic approach to industry challenges, advocating for clear regulations, breaking gender norms, and leading the way towards a sustainable and globally competitive construction sector.

As Tata Hitachi continues to shape the narrative of the construction industry in India and beyond, their journey stands as a testament to the power of innovation, strategic foresight, and a genuine commitment to positively impacting the world of construction.

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