Industry interaction is crucial for members and the workforce in the construction sector. Armix leads the way with proactive attendance at trade shows and a well-rounded outreach programme. Continuous improvement and keeping at the forefront of technology are values reflected in their commitment to releasing novel solutions.

“The construction business is expanding in all sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure.”

How do you perceive the current state of the construction and concrete Equipment industry in India?

The construction industry appears optimistic in the current Indian context, and I expect further progress after the elections. The government is pushing significant infrastructure projects like new airports, national highways, stadiums, hospitals, and business schools to become the third-largest economy shortly. The administration aggressively encourages infrastructure expansion, lowers red tape, and draws in foreign capital.

Economic growth requires both strong private-sector participation and government backing. Prioritising quality and taking advantage of export opportunities encourage remittances from outside and hasten economic growth. Nonetheless, certain observations suggest that certain players tend to prioritise sales connected to price, which is similar to the Chinese strategy, possibly overlooking the important factor of product quality. This strategy might result in a serious setback similar to the difficulties Chinese suppliers face. Therefore, a strategic move towards quality-focused strategies is essential for long-term success in the construction sector.

With the recent government initiatives, what changes have you observed in the market dynamics for your products?

The construction business is expanding in all residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure sectors. Payments and project timeframes have surpassed quality criteria in relevance. Working conditions and employee benefits have significantly improved, yet there is a pervasive shortage of people across all industries, mostly due to migration. Opportunities have grown in lockstep with this trend.

Despite the absence of apparent cash transactions, the digital economy has grown exponentially, allowing the government to accrue excess funds from tax collections via proper channels. This financial strength allows the government to invest in future initiatives. Using this beneficial circumstance, we can inspire greater trust in domestic and international markets, supporting healthy competition.

How has your company embraced technological innovations in the design and functionality of your equipment?

At recent trade fairs, we showcased numerous new machine models. In addition to these launches, we actively participated in seminars at Saudi Build in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and at the “100 Years of AAC” celebration in Prague, Czech Republic. Our engagement includes technical discussions and trips to prominent technology suppliers in Europe, which helped us advance our market knowledge dramatically.

Our machine models have undergone significant upgrades, with additional Big 5 Dubai and Excon Bangalore launches planned. These programmes demonstrate our dedication to field improvement and innovation.

How does your company perceive the role of industry-related events in contributing to the strategic growth and development of the construction and infrastructure sector?

Since our inception, we have actively participated in significant trade fairs such as BC India, Excon, Big 5 Dubai, Big 5 Saudi, and Saudi Build. Furthermore, we have a strong presence in various worldwide publications and print media, assuring widespread visibility. Again, our involvement extends to online platforms such as Google, demonstrating our dedication to a thorough and broad outreach approach.


Can you provide a sneak peek into any new products or innovations your company plans to unveil or highlight during Excon 2023?

Our latest innovation, the Triple Station Hydraulic Wet Press Machine, will be unveiled at Excon 2023. This machine has been sold to three international customers, putting us in competition with renowned industry leaders. This achievement is especially notable for a relatively new Indian firm, proving our capacity to obtain substantial deals soon after formation.

Our well-known planetary mixers, self-loading concrete mixers, paving block machines, and hermetic tile press machines have established a reputation in the industry and are recognised as tried-and-true solutions. We may announce another large AAC project during the trade fair, which would be a significant accomplishment for a firm like Armix in breaking into this area.

How do you expect Excon 2023 to impact your business, and what unique experiences or opportunities are you anticipating from participating in this exhibition?

On a personal level, I have been a regular exhibitor at Excon since 2006, attending all of the shows. This is Armix’s third time participating. Excon, one of India’s largest trade exhibitions, has constantly received excellent feedback from many industrial sectors. The decision to have Excon in Bangalore works well for us since it allows us to organise and promote our premier product launches successfully. Excon 2023 is expected to be another successful year, with no exceptions.


From your perspective, how does Excon contribute to the overall development and growth of India’s construction and infrastructure equipment industry?

CII, a well-established industry organisation, organises the event. Bangalore’s allure stems from its large gathering of global technological leaders. The presence of powerful German, Italian, and Japanese corporations and several engineering institutes and skilled suppliers considerably enhances any industry represented here. Bangalore is now more accessible from many parts of India, Europe, and the Middle East, making travel more convenient. The city has a lot of hotels and infrastructure, but it still has tolerable traffic problems. Despite this, Excon continues establishing its worth, always improving its value for exhibitors and construction industry visitors.

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