In an exclusive conversation with Anand Sundaresan, Managing Director, Ammann India Private Limited, we look into the key factors driving the asphalt and concrete equipment market, highlighting the company’s forward-thinking strategy. 

“Ammann’s asphalt mixing plants stand out for their versatility in road building, airstrips, and racing courses.”

In your view, what are the current trends shaping India’s asphalt and concrete equipment market?

Several key trends influence the current environment of India’s asphalt and concrete equipment market. Notably, there is a growing need for cutting-edge and ecofriendly machinery, a greater emphasis on sustainability and safety features, and a noticeable emphasis on cost-effective and efficient solutions. Ammann India stands out for its forward-thinking and imaginative product portfolio, which is well-aligned with current industry dynamics. The company’s commitment to innovation satisfies current market demands and positions it as a leader in creating solutions that resonate with the industry’s developing needs. As the market landscape evolves, Ammann India’s commitment to technological progress, environmental conscience, and a comprehensive approach to efficiency and safety positions it at the forefront of influencing the country’s asphalt and concrete equipment sector’s future trajectory.

Considering the diverse applications of asphalt, how does Ammann’s range of asphalt mixing plants cater to specific industry needs, such as road construction, playgrounds, and waterproofing solutions?

Our asphalt mixing plants stand out for their versatility in road building, airstrips, and racing courses. The equipment’s adaptability allows for exact customisation to meet industry-specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and quality across a wide range of asphalt applications. Our decision not to expand our capabilities to playgrounds or waterproofing areas demonstrates a focused dedication to excellence within the specialised industries and retaining a reputation for delivering unmatched solutions in specific markets.

What strategies does Ammann employ to stay competitive in the evolving infrastructure and construction landscape? 

Our strategy navigates the changing infrastructure and construction sector by embracing constant innovation, a commitment to sustainability, and a tailored approach to industry-specific objectives. This dedication to providing cutting-edge, environmentally sensitive solutions strengthens Ammann’s market  position and distinguishes it as an industry leader. A significant investment in research and development of 3-5 percent of our global sales demonstrates our commitment to innovation, allowing the launch of ground-breaking solutions. This continual commitment ensures technical superiority and underscores Ammann’s proactive approach to developing cuttingedge solutions that exceed market expectations.

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How is Ammann addressing the adverse effects of toxic emissions from asphalt mixing plants?

We actively seek innovative ways to combat the negative impact of hazardous emissions from asphalt mixing plants. We effectively collect particulate matter while mitigating environmental problems by upgrading burner technology and applying cutting-edge bag house filters. Our commitment extends to introducing burners capable of using alternative fuels such as hydrogen, demonstrating a commitment to reducing carbon footprints. This proactive approach aligns with sustainable asphalt production practises and exemplifies our commitment to driving ecofriendly initiatives, ensuring that our advancements positively contribute to environmental stewardship and the broader goal of sustainable industrial practices.

How is Ammann incorporating innovations such as warm mix asphalt (WMA) into its asphalt mixing plants, and what benefits do these technologies bring to the market?

Through revolutionary innovations such as incorporating warm mix asphalt (WMA) into our mixing facilities, we enhance sustainability and energy efficiency in asphalt production. WMA technologies transform the process by allowing for lower mixing temperatures and reducing energy usage and emissions. This proactive strategy perfectly corresponds with the market’s growing demand for environmentally friendly asphalt-producing options. Ammann’s adoption of WMA addresses environmental concerns and demonstrates the company’s dedication to developing technologies that have a practical influence on resource conservation and emissions reduction in the asphalt business.

What are your expectations and goals for participating in Excon 2023?

We are looking forward to its participation in Excon 2023, where we hope to showcase the most recent developments and technology in the asphalt and concrete equipment field. The goals go beyond mere exhibition and include forming new alliances, increasing awareness, and reaffirming the company’s unwavering dedication to providing sustainable and cutting-edge solutions to the construction sector. Ammann hopes to use this platform to demonstrate its technological capabilities, build significant collaborations and strengthen its position as a forerunner in raising the standards of excellence within the dynamic environment of construction equipment.

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