Upholding a commitment to environmental conservation, Kobe Steel Group integrates sustainable practices into its welding technology. From reducing environmental impact during production to developing eco-friendly products, the company’s initiatives align with its basic environmental management policy, aiming to coexist harmoniously with local communities.

Kobelco Welding is recognised for its high-quality welding consumables. Can you elaborate on the range of consumables, their applications, and the unique features that set them apart from competitors?

KOBE STEEL is a more than 10-decade pioneer manufacturer that caters to various industries ranging from steel, our core business, construction, aluminium, iron, crane, welding, and more. We belong to the welding division, which covers a full range of welding consumables from the covered electrode, semi-automatic welding wires, SAW wire & flux for all types of materials ranging from mild steel, high tensile steel, stainless steel, heat resistance steel, Inconel and hard-facing. Our welding consumables are produced under rigorous standards with superior quality. Each product is highly commended by industries like general construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, oil refinery reactors, coal-fired power boilers, power plants including nuclear, LNG LPG tanks, and more around the globe for proven reliability under various welding conditions.

Our materials’ superiority lies in customer reliability for numerous project requirements over many years. In addition, we have ample tested data from our in-house accredited Labourites based on customers’ requirements. Our strongest point is technical consulting for our customers in terms of providing suitable recommendations based on project specifications, supporting actual welding qualifications, and providing technical seminars and technology advancement, such as the VR welding system we launched in early 2023.

In the construction and infrastructure sectors, project requirements can vary significantly. How does Kobelco Welding approach the customisation of welding solutions to meet the unique demands of different construction projects?

“As pointed out, each project has its requirements and specifications, which must be complied with for the overall operational purpose. KOBELCO always prioritises customer requirements by providing a total solution regarding quality products and ensuring the project’s integrity. Our sales and technical engineers have established strong support with customers, providing suitable recommendations and confirming hassle-free during the entire project commissioning. With the fast-moving technology, customers are gradually moving into automation processes, increasing productivity. New investment yields suitability to keep up with the market trend, indirectly being competitive among the top players in the market.

What advantages does it offer regarding efficiency and quality improvement in various applications, including construction machinery, bridges, and water gates?

Our ARCMAN™ welding robot system occupies an overwhelming position in Japan, especially in medium-thickness plate processing, and is also deployed in Asian countries. We also deliver construction equipment to Indian customers based in our Chennai Robot Company, which was set up in 2022. With the excellent arc sensing technology, challenges such as weld distortion with complicated groove design in the multi-layer weld can be minimised; this indirectly extends the machine’s lifespan and reduces the overall machine breakdown.

In your commitment to environmental conservation, how does Kobe Steel ensure that its welding technology aligns with sustainable practices? 

“Consideration of the environment” is the primary concern of KOBE STEEL Group. A basic environmental management policy and management system was established to lead the CEO and Board of Directors in complying with the necessary environmental standards. Reducing environmental impact during production and providing KOBE STEEL’s proprietary technology. It aims to provide eco-friendly products in all our manufacturing plants and to coexist with local communities.

How do you envision the role of welding technology evolving in these sectors in the coming years, and how is Kobelco Welding prepared to meet those changes?

The future of welding technology is in vogue, with welding solutions that combine Optimise Machine with superior welding materials and technical support. KOBE STEEL announced the “Optimise Machine”, which is not just a huge welding robot but a more simplified automatic welding equipment called the “KI-700™” that can be easily introduced to the market. It has a function to generate welding conditions automatically by determining the groove and is specifically designed for LNG tank welding around the world. Even if the welding equipment is not purchased, the welding efficiency of about 20% can be improved by introducing DW-100 of FCAW. In short, KOBELCO provides strong technical support with practical and cost-effective welding solutions.

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