This article discusses the unparalleled success of the MEVA Automatic Climbing (MAC) system, highlighting its global track record and pivotal role in shaping the future of the international construction industry. From its unique features to its remarkable contributions to iconic projects, discover how MEVA MAC sets new standards and redefines the art of building skyscrapers.

Abhijit Ashok Acharya, Director of Sales and Marketing, MEVA Formwork Systems Pvt. Ltd.

With its innovative solutions, MEVA has established a place in the constantly changing construction industry where safety, speed, and sustainability are paramount. The MEVA Automatic Climbing (MAC) system is at the forefront of this innovation; it is an unmatched climbing formwork solution that has raised the bar in the construction sector. Examines MEVA MAC’s success story here, emphasising its global track record and important position in the international economy.

High-rise construction demands both speed and safety, which is why MEVA consistently works to provide the best formwork solutions possible to meet the needs of its clients. Unlike competitors, MAC uses a fully enclosed system to climb without the assistance of a crane, which streamlines the construction process and increases safety. It saves you a great deal of time and energy because it does this while conserving materials and time, which are essential for any construction project.

With MACs being completely enclosed and covered, workers are provided with comfortable working conditions and protection from the weather. Work on walls and slabs can be performed independently, increasing productivity and ensuring rapid construction. MAC is compatible with all MEVA wall formwork systems.

It is a testament to the company’s success that it has built a proven track record on a global level. Notable accomplishments include contributing to the construction of the two tallest office buildings in Switzerland- the Roche Tower buildings 1 and 2. In the Philippines, Bonifacio Global City, MEVA Philippines, and DDT Konstract, Inc work in tandem to complete the MEVA Automatic Climbing System (MAC) installation for the BWDC Residential Tower 10 days ahead of the targeted schedule. Despite this, its most significant achievement lies in its involvement in the Palais Royale project in Mumbai, India, which it played a crucial role in constructing.

The MAC system offers several key features. Firstly, it is crane-independent, ensuring speed and efficiency, especially at great heights, while allowing the crane to be available for other tasks. The climbing process, supported by tried-and-tested technology, enhances efficiency and shortens construction time. Additionally, safety is paramount, facilitated by safe access through integrated platforms and ladders. The MAC’s high-performance hydraulic system enables a 4.5-meter stroke per cylinder, with the lifting process taking only about 60 minutes. It climbs as a single unit, and with just one day planned for stripping, climbing, and setting up the formwork, it offers rapid construction cycles. Trailing platforms for additional tasks can eliminate the need for extra access systems. The system’s completely covered and closed working platform provides protection against weather effects, ensures comfortable working conditions, and allows for independent work on walls and slabs. Ultimately, when combined with MGS-H, the MAC offers an all-in-one solution for optimum safety and an efficient construction process.

As India’s cities continue to grow, MEVA India is gearing up to expand its MAC project footprint in metropolises like Mumbai and Ahmedabad. MAC’s success in India has set the stage for future projects where safety, speed, and sustainability remain at the forefront of construction goals.

MEVA MAC is a symbol of innovation and success in the construction industry. Its role in iconic projects globally demonstrates its ability to meet the most demanding construction challenges. As MEVA continues to expand its footprint in India’s growing cities, the MAC system is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the skylines of the future. 

Ready to take your construction projects to extraordinary heights? Please contact MEVA’s team today to explore how MAC can improve your success.

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