Engineered Composite Profiles (ECP) is a unique innovation developed to enhance the existing modules of wood work to better its longevity & convenience for the users and the end customers. Usage is promptly seen in door and window frames. Describing the build of the product it is made with co-extrusion WPC on Engineered Lumber in a system oriented manner.

The idea of the product is to provide the market with best of both worlds. The outer layer provides great resistance to block out harsh weather conditions such as humidity and heavy rainfalls also it 100% termite proof. And Engineered Lumber infill gives it strong screw holding capacity along with superior strength to the profile. The product’s main goal is to achieve durability along with everlasting life whilst not compromising on the needs and ease of usage of the customers & end users.

Keeping in mind the environmental impact, it is smartly engineered to be eco-friendly with the core consisting of harvested wood and the outer layer made out of recyclable WPC (Wood and PVC composite). Owing to the chemical properties of PVC which has abundance of chlorine in its formulation the product has great fire resistance.

It’s easy to install and can be fixed by any skilled carpenter using PU foam and anchor fasteners, the product is currently available in 4”X 2.5” section and is versatile to a great extent as it can be painted and polished as per the desire of the user.

Unlike wood, it doesn’t expand or contract with temperature variations .It is also resistant to termites and doesn’t fade under exposure to sun or UV rays. Compared to aluminium, ECP doesn’t allow transfer of heat as it is a poor conductor of the same, and neither does it rust or corrodes.

It does not need a lot of maintenance work. From time to time, just clean the interior and exterior frame with a standard soapy household cleaner diluted in water.

It’s a revolutionary product launched first time in India and as pioneers we are humbled to get this door and window frame solution to current Indian market which requires betterment and change from the conventional timber products.

We are coming up with more sections and colours in near future to obtain customer satisfaction. We are also providing fixing solutions of the same in combination with flush doors, where the joinery is done at factory level and then delivered at site in completely know down condition and our team rearranges and fixes at site.

Since 2001, Sharp ply the name has been synonymous with quality and service excellence. As the years have progressed, so have we. Sharp ply is a point of reference in this evolving market and yet, for the new generation, the present and the future are a challenge to deal with unchanged enthusiasm and passion.n

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