With a steadfast commitment to optimising project performance, Suretech offers a comprehensive array of machinery and services meticulously designed to elevate every facet of construction endeavours. From cutting-edge equipment rental to impeccable refurbishment services, Suretech stands at the forefront, empowering projects with the tools they need to thrive.

Could you elaborate on the services provided by Suretech Infrastructure? 

Suretech’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to our customers has always been paramount. Beyond the standard customer support activities such as service and spare parts provision, we go the extra mile to meet our customers’ diverse needs. We offer equipment on rent, as well as options for purchasing used and refurbished machines. Additionally, we provide OEM-certified refurbishment services for customers’ existing equipment. We understand that our customers seek to maximise the return on their investment in equipment, and we are dedicated to ensuring they achieve just that. Whether through reliable service, access to quality spare parts, or offering a range of equipment options, our goal remains consistent: to support our customers in optimising the performance and longevity of their machinery.

Suretech Infrastructure is known for its extensive Vibro Hammers and Spider Excavators fleet. How do you ensure that these equipment offerings remain at the forefront of technological advancements and meet the industry’s evolving demands? 

With a leadership presence in our segment for over three decades, our success stems from our proactive approach, always staying ahead of the competition. At the core of our philosophy lies simplicity. Recognising the challenges posed by Indian conditions, where machines endure severe stress due to harsh environments, partially skilled operators, and lax maintenance practices, we prioritise ensuring maximum uptime for our machines. Maintaining consistent machine operation takes precedence over any technological advancement in such demanding circumstances. Our focus remains steadfast on keeping our machines operational and reliable, regardless of their challenges, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction and success. 

Please discuss the advantages and benefits customers can expect when renting equipment directly from your company. 

We follow a rigorous procedure of examining and refurbishing our machines at the beginning of every rental contract to guarantee that they are provided to the customer in excellent condition. Using authentic spare parts and consumables increases the reliability of our machinery, giving our clients the most uptime and fewer breakdowns. Our dedication to providing excellent service is further demonstrated by our team of engineers, who have considerable experience operating Vibro hammers and Spider excavators and are OEM-trained. We also offer maintenance and support for Vibro hammers made by our competitors. Our competitive advantage is that we provide unmatched value to our customers by providing high-quality machines and excellent spares and servicing.

What factors do you consider when evaluating equipment for insurance, financing, or prospective buyers? How do you ensure transparency and fairness in these transactions? 

During our extensive assessment process, we thoroughly check numerous elements such as wear and tear, running hours, and the year of manufacture for each equipment. We prioritise the condition of essential components such as the engine and transmission, ensuring they satisfy our rigorous criteria. Unlike many overseas vendors that opt for cosmetic reconstructions, sometimes confined to surface-level adjustments such as filter replacements, lubrication, and a single coat of paint, we believe in a thorough refurbishing approach. Before sales, we undertake complete refurbishments of our machines, ensuring they meet or exceed OEM specifications. We maintain the authenticity of the original machine plates and affix our refurbishment plate, certifying OEM-approved refurbishing. When customers buy used and refurbished equipment from us, they can be confident that they get exactly what they paid for reliable, high-quality machinery through rigorous refurbishment processes.

Could you discuss the significance of your involvement in providing piling, foundation, and ground improvement solutions, as well as earthmoving and road construction solutions?

We are currently leaders in providing foundation engineering solutions. From advising customers on which type of machine to go for to doing a drivability analysis to determine the equipment capability, we do a pre-sale assessment of conditions to ensure that equipment bought by the customer will do the job. When a customer comes to us, he seeks assured advice, which is our strength. The same is our strategy while offering earthwork equipment and attachments. For us, work does not end on sale; it begins. Customers can always get advice from us regarding optimising their equipment productivity by using various attachments. Our comprehensive approach to providing solutions rather than just selling equipment contributes to our success.

Looking towards the future, what are your goals and aspirations regarding expanding product range, geographic reach, and market presence? 

We are already a leading supplier of Vibratory Hammers and Reverse Circulation Drills in the Indian subcontinent. We are also on a path to having the largest rental fleet of Vibratory Hammers. We want to strengthen our presence in neighbouring countries and then expand to African markets to sell and rent our equipment. We are looking at creating a niche where customers come to us looking for solutions rather than simply renting or buying equipment. 

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