Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt Ltd has come up with a new Tower crane Anti-Collision System with additional features of safe load indicator (SLI) inbuilt with separate Anti-Collision device, into one system.

Issues like frequent power failure in Indian job sites and cranes are a thing of the past. These conditions are working appropriately in above 260 tower cranes in India. From the last three years, it is a proven and reliable achievement running across India. Prices have also come down by 20 per cent given the high volume sales in India. In fact, these devices are designed to work with any kind or model of tower crane whether Topkit type, Flat top type, or Luffing type. The height can go up to 1 km, or even above that.

This is the simple microprocessor technology used in the systems, and the ACD software with supporting ground monitoring system can control 30 tower cranes at a time. Microprocessor-based software does not get corrupted due to frequent power failures or ON/OFF. It consumes about 3-4 seconds to power up and starts working from its current positions. For frequent power failures, UPS power backup is supplied which will take care of the system for one hour.

The system has special effect of stop entering Tower crane area whose power is off. It senses other tower cranes continuously and stops entering its area whose power/anti-collision is off. Tower crane may rotate on wind in case of power failure, which ensures additional safety during power outage. After all modifications, we have supplied 12 systems to Delhi site in 2014. After satisfactory working, we have supplied 250 Anti-Collision systems so far in India. In this, 90 systems are working for one customer itself in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. We have supplied to many corporate companies all over India. All are working very well from the last three to four years. We expect more and more orders this year.

These anti-collision systems are designed to work for any Tower crane, where ever multiple tower cranes are working, this device work irrespective of the sector.

We started as a service provider to tower crane and passenger hoist. Now, we are supplying Anti-Collision system as well as we are authorised dealer of GJJ passenger hoist, GJJ is the largest brand in the world with an export of 5000+ units and have a presence in every country of the world.

We have a system to monitor each and every service engineers’ activity day by day, and the status of the spare parts used and required. We are a TUV certified company, and follow ISO 9001:2015. We also conduct periodical training for our customers and employees.

New GJJ Passenger hoists
GJJ hoists have introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will monitor verticality, bolt loosening, support loosening, lubrication requirements, any electrical problems and even the number of persons in the cage. If any of this is abnormal, the hoist gets stopped and the reason will be written in operator display. This is the high-end technology so far in the passenger hoist introduced by GJJ in 2018.

Additionally, GJJ has come up with a unique Bi-Directional BUSBAR, which is water proof and dust proof and eliminate the power cable.

Author details:
P V Ramdev,
Managing Director,
Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt Ltd

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