Necessity is the mother of all inventions. How very true. In our quest to discover things which are better than existing we keep on innovating. One such area which is very critical and receives the least attention is the roof – over our head, over our car-parking, on our terraces, on railway platforms, at airports, canopies, temporary structures – for labour and site offices, warehouses, industrial units etc.
Most of the metal roofs being used today for roofing and side cladding at best give service for 5 to 8 years before maintenance kicks in. How do we avoid this?
Switching to Hindalco’s Everlast aluminium roofing sheets can be an answer! Why use a coating of aluminium or zinc as is done in most metal roofing sheets cases, when we can get the actual material itself – aluminium. Unlike other metals which are prone to rusting due to drilling and tapping of holes, exposure to atmospheric conditions, aluminium does not corrode due to such reasons and hence lasts a lifetime without any maintenance.
Due to its lower density, aluminium has one third the weight of iron with approximately the same strength. We would need only one tonne of aluminium where three tonne of iron is used. When used with proper accessories it can last for more than 50 years, the company claims.
Major advantages of Everlast aluminium roofing sheets are:• Very long life• Low weight• Easy and fast fabrication• Corrosion resistance• Excellent appearance even after years of service• Excellent thermal insulation (Due to its high reflectivity keeps inside temperature 5 to 8 degree cooler in summer while its low emissivity cuts heat losses in winters, thereby saving on power consumption)• No creep or damage• No health hazard• High resale value even after years of service.
Aluminium is recyclable and known as a green metal, therefore Hindalco’s Everlast aluminium roofing sheets are eco-friendly too.

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