CASE India expects that the impact of recent measures announced by the government to re-boot the economy and infrastructure sector will be visible in coming months.
what is your expectation from the EXCON ’19?
EXCON 2019 is the largest construction equipment trade fair held in South Asia. This year we are hoping to witness greater number of exhibitors, participants and industry veterans to participate as compared to last edition. 2019 edition is anticipated to be a special one as it marks the revival of the Indian CE industry and our preparations are on in full swing.

What are the new product launches you have planned for Excon 19?
This year we are hoping to witness maximum exhibitors, participants and industry veterans to network on such a large platform. We will be showcasing our entire product range at EXCON 2019.

How do you respond to the market, what are the USP of your products that allows you to stand tall?
The market is in its slow phase and for now; we at CASE are recalibrating our plans, according to the demand. However, we expect that the impact of recent measures announced to re-boot the economy and infrastructure sector will be visible in coming months.

CASE India offers its state-of-art, an advanced Eagle-Eye-Telematics solution in its Loader Backhoe PRO range. This Telematics’ solution is a GPS monitoring system. This solution has a unique feature of ‘Geo-fencing’ which means it will help the user to keep a track of his machine and will send an SMS alert if it operates outside the desired area. It provides real-time access to machines and results in enhancing the performance and efficiency of the machine. This Asset Monitoring System gives the freedom of machine monitoring and remote diagnostic alerts at the click of a button on a mobile or desktop computer. Below are some more distinguishing features of CASE machines:
Best-in-class fuel efficient FPT engine in graders, dozers and in some models of loader backhoe and compactor

  • Our PRO Series backhoe loader is equipped with best in class spacious cabin
  • CASE Graders and dozers offering closed ROPS/FOPS HVAC Cabin whereas other competitors provide open canopy along with best-in-class “pulling power” in Dozers
  • One piece engine hood with most of the CASE model for ease of maintenance
  • Best -in-class “compaction force” in our soil compactor with 32 mm drum shell thickness

Looking at the market opportunities, what are your focus areas?
Providing value-added features in products and services to our customers is a prime focus area of everyone at CASE. To make the products easy to use for our customers we focus on technology integration. IoT, AI, Telematics, Robotics and 3D printing are the next big changes being foreseen in the construction technology industry. These technology developments will have far reaching impact on the infrastructure projects and the industry. Practicing additive manufacturing, adoption of IoT, Telematics, robotics and use of sensor technologies are our prime focus. With these technologies being the frontier, we are in process of developing world class tech oriented machines.

Below are some of the technology focused innovations in our products:

  • CRDI electronic engines in Graders for on-board diagnostics, with laptop connectivity to download the entire data log and analysis of past and ongoing operations as well to get to the root cause of any failure that may occur during operation
  • Advanced Eagle Eye Telematics Solution, a real time vehicle tracking system equipped with Geo-fencing which assists in keeping track of Loader Backhoe. This solution helps in alerting the user about any kind of theft or unauthorized use of the machine along with device tempering alerts

According to you, did the government policies rejuvenate an ailing market and make way for the construction equipment manufacturers to capitalize?
The market currently is facing a bit of slump from the past few months. Amidst the slow economic growth, infrastructure and construction activity have also plummeted to lower levels. The Government of India has been very supportive through FY2019. The important announcement made by the government for construction of 1, 25,000 km of roads under Pradhan Gram Sadak Yojana under Phase III at an estimated cost of ` 80,250 crore has had a positive impact on the CE segment. In a bid to further give a push to the country’s infrastructure, the government has set up a task force to draw up plans for building infrastructure worth ` 100 lakh crore ($1.4 trillion) over the next five years. The NHAI has been spending nearly ` 70, 000 crore annually on road construction; NHAI is also trying to involve private investments to improve the sector’s crises. With aiding steps taken to improve the sectors monetarily crises we expect some stability in the demand in near future. So, a fair share of opportunities was given by the government this year for the commercial equipment sector and we praise all the efforts taken up by them.

What is your current market share in the different product categories?
Backhoe Loaders have been hugely popular in India for decades and have always been the country’s highest selling construction machine. CASE India’s PRO Series Loader Backhoe range remains the quintessential products for construction in Indian industry and the boom in construction in the last three years has encouraged us to advance at every step.

Mini compactor market in India is increasing significantly. From 259 of total industry volume in 2015, it increased significantly to 673 in 2018 with 159% growth. Whereas in case of Skid Steer loader/SSL, in the last few years, the total Industry of Skid steer loader has remained in the range of 500 – 600 units. In the year 2018, total industry was around 500 units and we are expecting growth in the coming years and expect it to touch 1000 units by 2020. The construction equipment market in the country has been growing continuously in the last few years & this pace is likely to continue in the coming years too.

What is your view on the future of the construction equipment market?
Owing to a number of factors including NBFC crises, elections and extended monsoons, construction equipment sector is moving slowly however it is moving steadily. This year came with its share of ups and down in the construction equipment sector. At CASE India, we have observed a total growth of over 30 per cent as an average across all products and segments.

Significant progress has been made in the sector in terms of our government providing a lot of opportunity, for example building rural roads since last few years. Important announcement made by the government of construction of 1, 25,000 km of roads under Pradhan Gram Sadak Yojana under Phase III at an estimated cost of Rs.80,250 crore has had a positive impact on the CE segment. With aiding steps taken to improve the sectors monetary crisis we expect some stability in the demand by next year.

Puneet Vidyarthi, Brand Leader, CASE India

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