Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE), a part of the USD 20.7 billion Mahindra Group, participated in the 10th edition of Excon 2019, the largest construction equipment event in South Asia.

The company launched RoadMaster G90 Comfort+, a new variant of the G90 RoadMaster Motor Grader and some new product concepts were put on display. The Display included the EarthMaster SX 79 with DrillX, RoadMaster G75 Smart, EarthMaster SX Smart and HaulMaster Haulage Tractor.

RoadMaster G90 Comfort+
The RoadMaster G90 gets an upgrade with the Comfort+. G90 Comfort+ has been introduced keeping in mind some of the harsh temperature conditions and dusty environments at which our graders must work. G90 Comfort+ is probably the 1st fully designed and manufactured in India and for India product that offers an HVAC cabin on a motor grader. Apart from the successful simple design and optimal productivity that comes with RoadMaster the Comfort+ adds additional comfort and safety to the operator resulting in an increased productivity and work efficiency with a marginal impact on cost and fuel consumption. The biggest benefit is however the feeling it gives to the operator that he/she is cared for by the machine, the manufacturer and the machine owner.

EarthMaster SX 79 with DrillX (Technology Display)
In line with our vision to design and manufacture products suited for Indian customers, we have designed the “DrillX” attachment for EarthMaster range of backhoe loaders.The DrillX is a special attachment which can be deployed for drilling holes for fencing and solar installations. The performance of the DrillX will be remarkably better than the conventional auger attachments and it can be used for drilling holes in hard / rocky strata as well where most of the conventional augers fail.

RoadMaster G75 Smart: (Technology Display)
The RoadMaster G75 Smart will be the only affordable, uncompromised and mechanized grading solution for small contractors working on rural roads and district roads/state highways expansion projects. When we brought the RoadMaster motor grader products to the customers, two segments that we initially did not cater to the lowermost and uppermost segments which were catered to by jugaad solutions like tractor attachments on the lower side and by overdesigned costly imported graders on the higher side. RoadMaster G75 Smart is our solution to help our contractor friends in the lower end of the spectrum. G75 Smart delivers 200 per cent productivity compared to tractor attachments at just 20 per cent more owning and operating costs. The other key takeaway is the quality of camber that you get with G75 Smart which in just not possible with sub optimal tractor attachments. Add to this simple hassle-free design, low and easy maintenance, unmatched reliability and a Mahindra engine, the value offered is immense. The icing on the cake is that the product being a proper “motor grader” is registered as a “motor grader” which can be shown as an asset by contractwwors.

EarthMaster SX Smart (Technology Display)
The SX Smart can be a very smart choice for customers who run their machines on a backhoe intensive application and want to avoid the higher asset cost that the upcoming BS4 norms have in store. The SX Smart machine have been configured very smartly to run on a 50 HP engine without compromising on the backhoe output of our 79 HP EarthMaster. The performance of loader would be lower compared to the EarthMasterSX but the backhoe productivity would be unchanged with ~20 per cent improved fuel consumption.

HaulMaster Haulage Tractor: (Technology Display)
With the ever increasing per hectare farm output in India there also came a set of logistical problems that the current machines in the industry were not able to cater to. The bigger and capable trucks cannot maneuver easily in the farm lands while the current tractors could not just haul the ever-increasing yield quickly/efficiently. The HaulMaster will be able to haul 200 per cent more as compared to a current 55HP tractor while costing only 30 per cent more to own and operate. The time saved/trips increased due to its high productivity can result in substantial increase in profitability.

All the products have been developed indigenously; they have been designed keeping in mind the needs and the wants of the Indian customers. By doing this Mahindra Construction Equipment Ltd has reinstated its commitment to customers’ & operators’ unmet needs.

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