Liquid flow rate, the size of expected contaminants, the hardness or pH of the expected operating environment and the intended use of the filtered water are some of the vital aspects while evaluating filtration solutions in the market.

Humankind has made rapid progress in 21st century and developed numerous large cluster cities and industries. However, this progress has come at the cost of pure water as water pollution has reached alarmingly high levels due to incessant and unplanned urbanisation, ageing pipeline network, increased usage of pesticides and fertilizers. This has made water unsafe for human consumption. An UN report states that every year more people die due to consumption of unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war.

Rapid and uncontrolled depletion of natural resources coupled with fast growing industrialisation and urbanisation has not only hastened climate change and air pollution but also created scarcity of fresh drinking water. Thus, purification of drinking water has become utmost priority.

While government agencies at various levels has implemented various policies and measures to restore fresh drinking water, the market is every day introducing products with latest technology to make water pure and safe for drinking.

Water filtration is an essential requirement for a wide array of industries like pharmaceutical, construction, food and beverage etc. The industrial water filtration solutions are designed to meet water and wastewater re-use standards. Today there are popular filtration options available in the market are as below.

Pressure sand filter: The pressure sand filter consists of a multiple layer of sand in various sizes and gravity. These filters are designed to remove turbidity and suspended particles present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop. They are custom designed to suit the process requirement.

Multi grade filter: The multi grade filter is a depth filter that makes use of course and fine media mixed together in a fixed proportion. This arrangement produces a filter bed with adequate pore dimensions for retaining both large and small suspended particles.

Dual media filter: A sand-anthracite or dual media filter or multi-media filter is primarily used for the removal of turbidity and suspended solids as low as 10-20 microns. Dual media filters provide very efficient particle removal under the conditions of high filtration rate.

One of the companies in the water purification market, Kent RO says that it is introducing continuously innovative technologies for water purification in India. In line with this mission, the company has launched latest innovation in the form of Next Gen RO Water Purifiers with breakthrough features like digital display of minerals and UV light in storage tank. Kent RO water purifiers are known to make water 100 per cent pure. The latest technological innovation allow customer to keep track of the minerals in water they consume as well as its purity. It also ensures that the stored water is pure for longer duration with the help of UV light in storage tank.

The company has launched an innovative commercial water purifier – Kent Water Fountain which comes with an inline cooling system that ensures that purified water remains safe and doesn’t meet air at any stage during the purification process. It has 3 staged purification system with RO+UF+TDS controller technologies. It is important to consider a variety of factors while evaluating filtration solutions in the market. “Some of the key factors include liquid flow rate, the size of expected contaminants, the hardness or pH of the expected operating environment and the intended use of the filtered water. Desired flow rate is also extremely important when choosing a filtration option,”Krishna Kumar, Assistant Manager of Tech support, Grundfos India

In addition to these, it is also important to consider factors like innovation, customisation and expert support. A comprehensive solution like BioBooster by Grundfos makes for a great choice as it offers mechanical or chemical and biological treatment with the world’s highest loading rates. There are various companies that caters to the wastewater treatments such as submersible effluent pumps, drainage pumps, mixers, dosing systems etc. Grundfos’ solutions are also customisable to specific requirements, thereby ensuring the best possible retrofit options.

One of Grundfos’ offerings in wastewater treatment, the BioBooster comes with technology that offers high level of modularity and flexibility, hence can be customised and scaled to the exact needs of the customers. The BioBooster is a compact biological wastewater treatment plant which combines the benefits of mechanical or chemical and biological treatment and has been developed especially for industries that discharge high level of organics. It also offers world’s highest loading rates as it treats same wastewater volumes in hours against the conventional technology that takes days to process the same. Grundfos BioBooster has been developed for wastewater treatment and water re-use for applications in the food and beverage industry and for treating municipal and hospital wastewater.

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