Water logging is an acute problem with the increase in effect of global warming on mankind. Today, many cities, towns and rural areas are experiencing extreme water logging, flooding and power cuts due to excessive rains in various parts of our country. In addition to the heavy rains, the lack of efficient water and wastewater resource management systems is another key limitation to the existing critical water logging issue. Agricultural sector is another industry that is impacted heavily due to water logging, over-irrigation and monsoons, leading to rise in water levels, and incorrect runoff management. While the larger solution to this problem lies with the need for well infrastructure design and irrigation management, it is important to be equipped with the right pumping solutions to persevere in such situations. Grundfos’ reliable dewatering pumps are ideal to tackle water logging and aim to ease the way of life while restricting the economic losses.

The pumps mentioned below are compact submersible pumps and can be used in homes, offices, gated-communities, construction sites, excavations, tunnels, underground parking, industrial drainage pits, etc.

Heavy-duty dewatering pumps – DWK
Contractor pumps for construction dewatering in building and infrastructure sites, designed with semi-open or enclosed impeller. The cast-iron construction and the hydraulic design contribute durability and high efficiency. Pumps up to 15 kW have a double mechanical seal and pumps from 22-90 kW have a triple-seal system, for longer operation and less downtime.

High-pressure capability makes the pumps suitable for use in pits, whether for temporary or fixed installation. The installation design options provide the flexibility needed to cover many needs.

Submersible drainage pumps – DPK
Designed with semi-open or enclosed impeller for pumping water in a wide range of applications, this pump is made of robust cast iron impeller to ensure durable operation and performance. Constructed for free-standing installation or submerged installation on an auto-coupling system.

Runoff management
Pumping systems play a major role in runoff management as these systems include installation of wastewater pumps with suitable controls. These pumps range from a 10 m3/hr to 10 m3/s, designed to be either surface mounted or submersible. The pumping scale may greatly depend on the geographical locations with reference to the datum of nearby water bodies. Additionally, flood water brings along solids that require these pumps to be able to handle solid material higher than 65 mm in size.

The volume of runoff wastewater in a commercial campus can be calculated based on the intensity of rain fall (mm/hr) in specified catchment areas. The flow rate of a pump can be derived basis the duration of the calculated volume. Considering basement dewatering, the transfer rate is highly dependent on the influent. Pumping pits are designed to streamline the influent with minimum velocity in order to avoid eddies and maintain a minimum level to irradiate swirls which directly impacts the operation of submersible pumps. The number of pumps and the frequency is designed based on the attaining levels in the pumping pits. These pumps undergo a fixed installation with auto a coupling system to withstand the force of the influent, for easy maintenance. The runoff network can endure the complete load into the pumping pit or surge tank.

Surface mounted pumps
These pumps predominantly use footwall mechanism for priming, and to facilitate a negative suction. The concept of negative suction in critical applications like fire hydrants and flood control systems are not advisable as it paves way for submersible pumping systems in displacing the volume of runoff wastewater. Semi-open, vortex and channel impellers are widely used in transferring wastewater, as these impellers can better conduct solids. Axial propeller impellers are suitable for higher flow with less differential heads.

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