Kirloskar Brothers Limited’s (KBL’s) HYPN system is a solution for high-rise buildings and commercial complexes that can serve the robust water demand at constant pressure. Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic (HYPN) system is a conventional pumping system converted into an automated pumping system.
A HYPN system maintains a constant temperature and helps eliminate unnecessary functioning of pumps in case of zero flow. Also, the performance of HYPN system is controlled, smooth and facilitates energy and water optimisation. The system requires low maintenance, longevity long life, cost efficiency.

An operational standard pump contributes to opex by high energy consumption and high spending on pumps’ maintenance. The Hydraulic Institute and Euro-Pump, has suggested that the typical life cycle cost of a medium-sized industrial pump is dominated by energy consumption and maintenance costs. The hydro-pneumatic system helps curb these associated costs, majorly by optimising the energy cost through greater control on supply capacity of liquid.

In case of KBL’s HYPN system, for further value addition, the company has gone a step further and increased the ease of handling of the system. This was accomplished by coupling HYPN system with remotely accessible smart monitoring devices like mobile phone, iPAD, etc. As a result, the customers can remotely monitor and keep a tab on the status of their system on-the-go, wherever they are, right on their mobile devices. This results in predictive modelling, makes room for corrective measures before pump breakdown and also reduces dependency on field inspectors optimising manpower. n

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