On International Day of Women in Mining, Hindustan Zinc, India’s largest and exclusive producer of zinc, lead, and silver, proudly emphasises its substantial progress in promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in the mining industry.

With one of India’s largest cohorts of over 200 female mining engineers, the firm is driving change in its mining operations. With around 22 percent gender diversity, Hindustan Zinc’s workforce comprises over 600 female personnel in core operations who make significant contributions to the sector. This represents a considerable percentage when compared to its Indian counterparts in the core industrial sector and metal and mining companies. Among the many successes, Hindustan Zinc is home to India’s first women mine supervisors working in underground mines, as well as the country’s first and second all-women underground mine rescue teams.

Diversity and inclusivity are essential elements of Hindustan Zinc’s concept, which is woven into the very fabric of the company’s culture. With a comprehensive portfolio of metals catering to a wide range of customers globally for sophisticated applications, the company values worker diversity, which provides new insights and leads to sound decision-making. This is supported by Hindustan Zinc’s dedication to assisting women at all stages of their lives, both personally and professionally, by expanding career advancement possibilities such as night shifts, meaningful job content, and progressive workplace rules. These initiatives have resulted in a significant increase in the number of women professionals selecting Hindustan Zinc to work in essential mining functions.

Hindustan Zinc actively promotes gender parity in the metal and mining industries, ensuring equal participation and opportunities at all levels. Using technology breakthroughs such as Industry 4.0, digitalization, robotics, and automation, the corporation is eliminating manual labour, making the industry more appealing to job seekers. Hindustan Zinc’s digital mines, which include surface-based underground mining (tele-remote) operations, real-time analytics, and automation, provide exciting job opportunities for men and women alike in this quickly expanding industry. This has resulted in more than 34 percent of women joining Hindustan Zinc through campus recruitment drives in FY24, making it the top pick for women in mining.

Speaking on the International Day of Women in Mining, Arun Misra, CEO of Hindustan Zinc, says “It is pivotal for companies to invest in women professionals to accelerate the industry’s evolution with diverse capabilities and perspectives for India’s robust journey of growth and development. Metals and mining are going to be intrinsic to a low-carbon future and we need to bridge the skill gap in this sector by leveraging the high-quality talent pool presented by women. Our focus is not just to upskill our employees but to create pathways for all budding and aspiring women mining engineers who wish to go beyond the ordinary.”

Sandhya Rasakatla, India’s first underground female mine manager, recounted her experience from the Zawarmala Mine in Rajasthan: “I was always fascinated with the world of metals and mining. It is a proud feeling to be here because, as a woman, I was the first in the mining industry to get this exposure. Moreover, working with the same opportunities as our male counterparts in an environment ready to adapt, learn, and aid personal and professional development adds to it.” Nehal Solanki, the first female gold medalist in mining engineering in Rajasthan, who works in the legacy Rajpura Dariba mine, says, “Mining has been traditionally a male-dominated field and coming from the mining-rich state of Rajasthan, I was always fascinated by the opportunities that mining had to offer. My initial roadblock was to overcome the traditional thinking about women who usually do not work in the mining industry and with time I applied a hands-on work approach to make my team comfortable.”

Hindustan Zinc has a complete suite of supportive workplace rules, including a spouse hiring policy, a year-long sabbatical for childcare, and leave policies that prioritise mental and physical wellness. Beyond rules, staff live in world-class colonies with all modern conveniences close to the plants. These townships have schools, hospitals, nursery schools, creches, places of worship, sports and recreational facilities such as swimming pools and golf courses, and other amenities that promote a thriving social life.

As an equal-opportunity employer, Hindustan Zinc believes that a diverse workforce is essential for excellent performance. This belief is evident in their staff, which includes over 22 percent female executives and an impressive 54 percent female engineers in executive roles. Hindustan Zinc remains a leader in encouraging diversity in all aspects, with an ambitious goal of achieving and sustaining 30 percent diversity across all senior and managerial roles.

For more information, visit: https://www.hzlindia.com/

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