In a remarkable demonstration of sustained success, the H&K India Group is celebrating the culmination of yet another triumphant year, securing a remarkable 50 orders for its proven Quenching Systems.

Bolstered by an ascendant Indian economy, escalated infrastructure spending, and a robust outlook for the Indian steel industry, the group has emerged as a key player in the market.

Commencing its impressive streak in the challenging year of 2021 amidst the global pandemic, the H&K India Group has consistently secured an average of one order per week for its renowned German-designed quenching systems – THERMEX and TEGUM. Notably, certain phases have witnessed an even more impressive rate, surpassing the healthy average of one order per week. The cumulative result is an astounding 169 orders received over the course of the years 2021, 2022, and 2023.

External factors contributing to this success include the robust Indian economy, characterised by increased government spending, rapid infrastructure development, and heightened consumer demand. Internally, the group’s commitment to continuous improvement has been exemplified by a rigorous drive led by Deputy Managing Director Satguru Saran Markan. This initiative focused on automating both internal office practices and workshop manufacturing activities, resulting in enhanced efficiency and faster turnaround times.

Chairman Raj Kumar Markan, an avid cricket enthusiast, expressed his pride in the group’s historic performance. Drawing a parallel to cricket, he remarked, “Rare are those cricketers who score 50 runs in three consecutive T20 matches. But the H&K Group has bagged 50 (if not more) Quenching and Self-Tempering system orders in three consecutive years – 2021, 2022, and 2023 – a historic performance by all accounts.”

Expressing gratitude, Markan credited both loyal clients who repeatedly choose their systems for new bar mills, contributing to a robust stream of repeat business, and the dedicated staff who go above and beyond for the company.

With exclusive and perpetual license rights from HSE Germany for THERMEX and TEGUM quenching systems, the group stands as a reliable player in the market. These systems, characterised by proven technologies that require no trial-and-error, boast established capabilities for quenching a wide range of rebar sizes at varying speeds and for international grades, with multiple slitting options.

Eyeing global markets, the group continues to receive orders from North America, Africa, and the Middle East. Significantly, 30 percent of the group’s project orders are conversion orders, reflecting rolling mills replacing existing quenching systems with the result-guaranteed THERMEX or TEGUM system. Presently, the group’s total project count has surpassed an impressive 560, encompassing both THERMEX and TEGUM orders.

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