Sustainability of a material or product largely depends on how it is managed and used throughout its life cycle.

With increasing focus on energy-efficient performance in homes and buildings, the industry has seen a shift towards the use of uPVC windows and doors in India. The demand has also surged with a boom in the real-estate market. uPVC windows are popular, more so because they are eco-friendly and low-maintenance. Moreover, in terms of price, uPVC windows and doors are highly cost-effective.

Sustainable construction
Made of superlative quality uPVC, cutting-edge windows and doors offer high-quality products and services for new construction and renovation needs. “Cutting-edge doors and windows are suitable for ventilation purposes and effective in maintaining cool and comfortable environment in homes,” says Manish Bansal, Director and CEO, Window Magic India.

Moisture control: Condensation is common in kitchens and bathrooms due to the use of gas stove or oven and bath or shower. Without proper ventilation, moisture and mould can cause degradation of wooden surfaces and drywalls. This may lead tocostly repairs and replacements.Cutting-edge doors and windows provide multiple ways to handle it, ventilation increases air flow that helps to reducing moisture.
Personal health: In combination with poor ventilation, air impurities can lead to a number of health problems such as headaches, allergies and sinusitis. Mould exposure can also cause problems with the immune system and provoke symptoms in people already suffering from auto immune diseases. Long-term mould exposure can even lead to unrecoverable breathing conditions such as asthma. Cutting-edge doors and window helps in prevention of these hazardous diseases. They are very hygienic (uPVC) and keep out dust, pollution, and bacteria while they are close.
Temperature control: Ventilation helps in managing temperature indoors. The environment can become hot and stuffy when many people gather in one room. Proper air-flow allows room to refresh without relying on expensive air conditioners or electric fans. Cutting-edge doors and windows remain unaffected in almost all types of weather and have great resistance to cold air, water and strong sunlight, etc.

According to Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Pvt Ltd, uPVC is widely used by the construction industry because of its various advantages. But the industry is also opening its mind to other materials as well. With cutting-edge technologies the doors and windows have become very versatile product. From aluminium windows to glass conservatories all this has an added advantage to the industry. Lingel have designed Lingel 6.0 aluminium windows which fulfil the look and feel of a traditional door or window.

“Windows and doors are decisive factor when it comes to building’s comfort, appearance and cost. Builders are now coming forward to have modern and eco-friendly uPVC windows and doors in their projects due to various advantages,” says Amir Hashmi, National Head – Marketing and Sales, profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd.

These windows and doors come with varied style and designs thus, can be installed into any type of property like residential houses or apartment to commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, institutions and offices. uPVC windows and doors are sturdy, durable and require low maintenance over their long service life. They can withstand harsh climates. They are weatherproof and retain their shape and colour in all weather conditions. Provides efficient thermal insulation and also reduces energy consumption. uPVC windows and doors offers optimum sound insulation, fire retardant, eco-friendly and 100 per cent recyclable thus support sustainability.

Checking sustainability
uPVC windows are expected to last more than 35 years. They make significant contribution in saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, throughout their life cycle. There is no need to re-paint or stain. They can be cleaned very simply with soapy water. They can be successfully converted into other useful products at the end of their lifecycle; even the waste material generated during manufacturing is re-processed thus, helps in conservation of environment and creates a sustainable future. uPVC eliminates dependence on wood, which in turn leads to conservation of forests.Fenesta windows and doors contribute positively to energy savings since much less energy is consumed for their production as compared to aluminium. Excellent sealing keeps out pollutants such as sound, dust and smoke, thus reducing health hazards and improving the quality of the environment within the home, says Bansal.

uPVC doors and windows has a very long life time of above 40 years if maintained well. At the moment, for window replacement all components can be reused without creating any unused scrap. Since the input material is high in value like the uPVC component or widely used like the steel and the glass component, the recycling chain is already in place. Schmidt says, “Sustainability while creating comfort to the users is very important. As the uPVC industry is for the first time within the fenestration industry, a developed and skilled sector, service and after sales services AMC availability of replacement items of hardware and so on are available for any kind of service needed at any point of time.”

For the production of uPVC section very less energy is needed. Very little water is wasted during the fabrication compared to traditional material like aluminium or wood.

uPVC is a sustainable material for making windows and doors. It is an alternate to wood, as a result helped in minimising deforestation to a great extent. It is eco-friendly material as it can be fully recycled and reused for the production of uPVC profiles, says Hashmi.

Appropriate selection
Following are considerations for choosing the right doors and windows by Bansal:
Low maintenance: The window and doors of uPVC require minimal maintenance. In the case of uPVC windows and doors, one does not have to bear the cost of regular painting and high-cost maintenance.
Cost-effective: uPVC windows are very economical compared to aluminium or wooden windows and doors. Their cost-free longevity and maintenance make them more cost-effective against other materials.
Weather resistant: They remain unaffected in nearly all weather conditions and are highly resistant to air, water, storm and strong sunlight.
High acoustic: They act as excellent barriers to outdoor noise and disturbing sounds. This adds to comfort and helps in maintaining privacy by restricting the sound inside the room.
Customised: uPVC window and doors are available in 100 per cent customised designs. One can customise windows and doors to suit one’s personal needs and preferences.
Water tightness: They provide remarkable water tightness to ensure zero rain and water filling between joints.
Eco-friendly: uPVC is eco-friendly as it provides a smarter substitute for wood or timber that is largely used to make windows and doors that result in enormous deforestation. It is possible to recycle and reuse the uPVC window and doors.
Fire resistant: In the case of fire accidents, these windows and doors are fire-resistant and do not supports fire combustion in contrast to the wooden doors and windows.

“We know that every customer has a different requirement and so every window or door is customised according to the customer’s needs. Here it is very crucial to have the right window company which can share its expertise and guide its customer. What kind of window, material or style will suit the needs of the customer is something one needs to be aware of,” says Schmidt.

There are many uPVC windows and doors manufacturers and suppliers in India, but one has to choose carefully while selecting the supplier for their window and door requirements. It is also important to take some serious consideration and involvement in getting ensured that your uPVC window and door manufacturer and supplier are at par with the industry standards, according to Hashmi.

Below are some of the quick rules by Hashmi to find best uPVC windows and doors manufacturers and suppliers for one’s home or office.
Initially, one should know what type and quality of uPVC windows and doors he/she is looking for. This will help in deciding how to start the research. Search for the uPVC companies, who are into business for a long period because they know very well how to satisfy customers by providing variety of quality uPVC products and on-time services. Their products include a comprehensive warranty that actually survives the test of time. To get better understanding about uPVC manufacturers and suppliers in the market place, one can take the help of online search engine, online manufacturers and supplier’s directories, online reviews, friends and other references.

To know whether the uPVC product is as per expectations or not, check the design, overall price for delivery and installation, features (energy efficiency, durability, maintenance cost, security features and finishing touch) and other benefits uPVC doors and windows offers. Before finalising order for uPVC windows and doors, one should know whether the supplier is authorised representative of the finalised brand. Purchasing from authorised source will guarantee on cost, quality and timely installation with post installation services. On the other hand purchasing from non-authorised supplier can get low grade windows and doors with false promises on quality and services

Cutting-edge doors and windows are suitable for ventilation purposes and effective in maintaining cool and comfortable environment in homes.
Manish Bansal, Director & CEO, Window Magic India

With cutting-edge technologies the doors and windows have become very versatile product.
Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Pvt Ltd

Builders are now coming forward to have modern and eco-friendly uPVC windows and doors in their projects due to various advantages.
Amir Hashmi, National Head – Marketing & Sales, profine India Window Technology Pvt Ltd

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